Daily Exercise Counteracts Holiday Habits

Since Thanksgiving I’ve put extra effort into my exercise routine thanks to a fun trial membership at a swanky New York City athletic club. After reading a new Journal of Physiology study completed at the University of Bath, I’m so glad I did. Researchers found that daily exercise will counter many of the long-term negative effects of overeating and inactivity, common problems around the holidays. Participants in the study were asked to overeat and reduce their physical activity over a period of one week. Half the group ran for 45 minutes on a treadmill and the other half remained inactive. The exercisers also upped their calorie intake to negate any burned on the treadmill so all participants had an equivalent energy surplus. The non-exercising group showed an unhealthy decline in their blood sugar control, whilst the exercising group had stable blood sugar levels. The activation of genes within fat cells in the non-exercising group were also dropped below levels needed for a well-functioning metabolism. Great news for those of you, myself included, who can’t resist cookies, comfort food, and hot cocoa this time of year; as long as you make time each day for a solid cardio session your body will recover.

How do you find time for exercise with a busy spa and full social calendar?