Discovery Fit & Health Channel Offers Reality Show with a Heart

I've recently ventured higher up than I normally do on my remote control one evening while trying to find the new Oprah Winfrey Network, and that's when I came across the Discovery Fit & Health channel. As a huge fan of the Discovery Channel to begin with, plus a girl who likes to learn about fitness and health, this quickly became one of my favorite channels. Last Wednesday night, as I turned my TV on, I was surprised to see facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono, who is the owner of J SPA Medical Day Spa on Long Island and a frequent contributor to American Spa, as well as my own Botox doctor. The series, called "Facing Trauma," chronicles the heartbreaking stories of women who have been left disfigured because of acts of violence against them as they rebuild their lives physically and emotionally. From the initial consultation to the end result, the show follows Dr.  Jacono and his team as they perform pro bono surgeries on the victims, helping them heal both internally and externally. It is a heart wrenching, yet ultimately uplifting show that I highly recommend. Tonight's episode features Brittany, who survived a terrifying attack as a child but deep scars prevent her from healing, and Shakeera, whose ex tried to kill her when she tried to break up with him, causing severe facial injuries. To find out what channel and time it will be aired in your area, click here.

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