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As interest in health And wellness picks up speed, so do the opportunities for retailing and marketing nutritionals in your spa. “The image of a spa evokes a sense of peace and wellbeing,” says Nancy Steely, N.D., director of research at life-science company USANA. “Vitamins and dietary supplements, which also care for the body, fit in perfectly with the concept.”

Not surprisingly, there are numerous advantages to selling vitamins and supplements. They not only enhance your brand image by projecting a commitment to health and wellness but they also position your spa as a partner in achieving your clients’ overall lifestyle goals. It becomes a go-to place for all things health and wellness.

“From a spa owner’s perspective, vitamins are good business, because they need to be taken on a regular basis,” says Boldijarre Koronczay, founder of Éminence Organic Skin Care, which manufactures Vitaskin Vitamin Solutions. “Clients will need to replenish their supply, which guarantees walk-through traffic and increases the chance for upselling at the spa.” On the flip side, the establishments that achieve the highest volume in sales are the ones that have a regular clientele: day, medical, and fitness spas, though some resorts have experienced some success with them, too.


Engaging Clients

Just as a well-trained staff, pampering treatments, and soothing decor build a positive experience for spa-goers, vitamins and supplements should also be used to develop customer affinity, says Wes Crain, president of Navitas Naturals, an organic food and dietary supplement company. “It’s important to create a one-stop shopping opportunity for the end customer, as it creates a captive audience.”

The hook is to engage customers—share expertise that will encourage consumption beyond the time of the treatment and the walls of the spa. “Spas are more than just a place to get a massage,” says Crain. “They have the potential to play a larger role in a client’s everyday healthy lifestyle.” He suggests putting together beauty baskets with the spa’s name and branding that includes step-by-step instructions and sending out newsletters and Facebook posts with nutrition tips and recipes to encourage sales and the use of nutrition products.


Choosing the Right Products

While revenue gain is one aim, customer interest is another. Paul Hester, M.D., of Be MediSpa (Lexington, KY) cautions against carrying “unproven and unregulated supplements” with spurious claims and peddling nutritionals without proper advisement from a medical or naturopathic physician, a chiropractor, a nutritionist, or other licensed healthcare professional. “Be true to your own business, as well as to your clients’ best interests,” says Steely. “If your spa is small and doesn’t offer many wellness-related services like health assessments, nutrition products, healthy foods, or exercise facilities, then don’t overwhelm your staff or clients with an array of supplements about which you aren’t knowledgeable. Stick with the products that complement your spa’s massage and skincare services.” Some of the recommended “basics” include multi- vitamin and multimineral supplements, melatonin, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D supplements.

On the other hand, if your spa provides extensive wellness-related services, says Steely, then you should choose products that fit accordingly. “If, for example, you provide meditation or mind-body programs, then offer herbal supplements or teas for relaxation,” she says. “If you offer health assessments and nutritional consultation programs, you should stock more than just the basics, such as fiber supplements, skeletal-support nutrients, and any number of products dedicated to supporting specific body tissues and systems.”

In fact, with the overwhelming number of vitamins and supplements on the market, most consumers will appreciate help determining the right products for their needs. A well-curated selection at a spa could be a preferable buying environment in comparison to a large supermarket. “The bottom line is personalization—there is no one-size-fits-all solution to health and wellness,” says Steely. “Nutritionals are truly an exciting area for spas to enter into. As always, there is a lot of opportunity to attract new clients, as long as it’s done honestly and with integrity.”Lisa Cheng


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Give your clients the health or beauty boost they desire with these vitamins and supplements.


Éminence Organic Skin Care VitaSkin Vitamins: These targeted supplements are designed to address common skin concerns. The Clear skin, Calm skin, and Firm skin Vitaskin Vitamin solutions incorporate the innovative Moisture defense system.


Fleur’s Hair-Nails Supplement: Tired hair and brittle nails will be a mere memory with this supplement, which relies on amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins to stimulate hair follicles and strengthen weakened nails.


Inovacure Vitality Cocktail Anti-Aging Formula: This collagen-based concentrate, flavored with cranberry and green tea, is enriched with antioxidants to help maintain young, healthy-looking skin.


M’lis Antioxidant with Astaxanthin: With potent antioxidants to protect the body and skin, this formula contains ingredients to help purify the blood, aid in proper digestion, and protect cells from free radicals.


MILA The Miracle Seed: This proprietary blend of chia seeds is a natural source of omega-3s, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.


Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement: This blemish-reducing supplement helps provide a powerful internal defense against breakouts.


Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare ATP Cell Therapy: Offering a healthy way to detox and support weight management, this supplement increases the body’s production of ATP, a molecule that stores needed energy and improves DNA repair in the skin.


Pevonia ClariPlex Vitamin Supplement – Clear & Maintain: Part of the Power repair spa Vitamins line, this clarifying oral supplement delivers an Ayurvedic blend of extracts to repair acneic skin from within.


Phytomer Silhouette Expert Dietary Supplement: These capsules work to slim and contour the body with green coffee, green tea, and laminaria digitata, a brown seaweed.


Reserveage Organics Resveratrol 500mg and 250mg: Offering a cell-protecting nutritional shield that helps diminish the risk of age-related issues, these capsules help fight environmental stresses, toxins, and free radicals.


Sanítas Skincare Complexion Clear: This therapeutic supplement contains a blend of vital nutrients proven to address the origins of blemish-prone skin.


Skin Authority VitaD Fortified Illuminating Duo: Replenishing the body’s vitamin D levels from the inside out, this nourishing pair includes the Whole Food Spice Powder and Topical Elixir.

Thalgo Menoceane: This supplement is formulated to help control hot flashes, irritability, and weight gain due to menopause. www.thalgo