Exercise for Fun

I count myself lucky that I consider most workouts fun, and I even look forward to my daily routines. I enjoy challenging myself, seeing progress, and trying new activities. Loving your workout can do much more than put a smile on your face according to recent studies conducted by Carolina Werle, Brian Wansink, and Collin Payne. Researchers found that people who thought their workout was fun and didn't frame it as exercise chose a healthier food option, opted out of dessert, or ate less after the fact. Those who viewed their activity as exercise were inclined to indulge in high fat and sugar snacks to make up for their hard work, study results showed. They say, "A final observational field study during a competitive race showed that the more fun people rated the race as being, the less likely they were to compensate with a hedonic snack afterwards. Engaging in a physical activity seems to trigger the search for reward when individuals perceive it as exercise but not when they perceive it as fun."

Here are some ideas for making fitness more fun in your spa: Get Fit in the Tropics, Well-Rounded Fitness, and Balance Booster.