Expert Tips for Bolder Groomed Brows

Bigger is better doesn’t often ring true when it comes to the spa industry. According to Mintel’s Color Cosmetics U.S. 2015 report, bigger is definitely better for brows. Clients with bold, groomed brows are garnering a lot of compliments and your spa can help them achieve award-winning arches. In fact, 25 percent of American women use eyebrow pencils and 19 percent wear eyebrow makeup regularly. Eyeliner sales are also on the rise, up five percent in the last year. Overall eye makeup is the strongest performing segment according to the report. There's more to the bold brow trend than meets the eye. I recently got a few tips from brow specialist William Bob Scott while checking out the latest launches from Grande Naturals.

  • He tints all clients’ brows to bring out the otherwise invisible hairs and instantly fill in sparse spots.
  • He also recommends using a brow gel (such as Grande BrowFill with fibers and peptides) to define, shape, and build arches.
  • He urges clients to grow out the ends as full as possible, as the outer section of the brows thins out quicker with age.

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