Facial Massage Restores Radiance

facial massageIn the midst of frigid winter days, I have a habit of becoming a hermit. I trek to work, the gym, and back home and to few other places in my minimal calendar. Still, a new spa treatment always gets me up and out. Recently, I was able to experience The Beauty Lift ($250, 50 minutes) at Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria (New York City), which is a convenient five-minute walk from the office. This facial relies more on a massage technique than products to produce a firm, toned, and radiant complexion. As such, part of the consultation included massage pressure preference. Though I’m usually a deep tissue gal, my esthetician suggested starting light. I was glad she did, because the muscle manipulation was still quite intense. No pain, no gain; but it wasn't even painful. Like experiencing a deep tissue massage, I could feel knots release and lazy areas activate. I left wide-eyed with glowing skin and perky cheeks.  

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