Farm-To-Treatment-Table Trend Continues to Grow in Popularity

Although we've reported on the farm-to-treatment-table trend several times over the past year, it certainly seems destined to grow. Recently, I was asked to comment on the trend in a piece for Fodor's. Check it out here to discover how some spas have jumped on the bandwagon. I must say, it's one of my favorite trends this year and one whose time has certainly come. For years, destination spas have been offering guests healthy and organic cuisine straight from the garden. Bringing ingredients to the treatment table is just an extension of that. In addition, it offers spas another opportunity to involve guests in the customization of their treatments. Many destination spas now offer garden tours and treatments in which guests are encouraged to pick their own herbs to be blended into customized body scrubs and more. The farm-to-table trend has become so popular that at some resorts with organic gardens, the restaurant and spa are actually in competition for the ingredients grown. What is your favorite spa trend this year?