Four Growing Hair Removal Trends

Hair-removal products and services continue to gain attention from clients of all ages, and today’s formulas and services are making it easier to satisfy the needs of all clients. Find out what our experts believe will be the next big thing in hair removal: 

“More advanced post-hair-removal soothing products. As the cosmeceutical market continues to grow, we will see new products with more sophisticated anti-inflammatory properties hit the market.”—Ottmar Stubler, president and founder, PFB Vanish

“Wax companies will continue to innovate and introduce new products that specifically target hair types and body areas in order to achieve the best possible wax.”—Lindsay Miller, president, Lycon USA

“Education, education, education, and learning the proper techniques with hard non-strip waxes. So many spas and salons have jumped on the waxing bandwagon. However, there is a shortage of properly trained technicians to fill the need. It is not being taught at the basic beauty school level. Therefore, we need to fill the funnel with precisely educated specialists.”—Lynn Maestro, national sales and communications director, Perron Rigot, manufacturer of Cirepil

“Waxes and techniques will continue to improve. Look for more waxes that can be applied and removed in any direction without breaking hair and waxes that specialize in color-treated brows.”—Krissa Gordon, licensed esthetician, instructor, and senior educator, Satin Smooth


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