Fresh Facials for Fall

Ultimate Caviar Facial

Where: Rancho Las Palmas Marriott Resort & Spa (Rancho Mirage, CA)

Time: 90 minutes

Price: $174

Products: Kerstin Florian

Not only is caviar a delight to the palate, those little fish eggs are packed with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are good for the skin as well. The Ultimate Caviar Facial combines the anti-aging benefits of these nutrients and the skin-firming properties of sevruga caviar from the ancient fishing grounds of the Caspian Sea with Bupleurum Chinese extract, caffeine, and Coenzyme A for a one-of-a-kind facial. The treatment begins with a lifting, contouring facial massage, followed by a specialized caviar eye treatment that provides ultra-hydration to smooth away fine lines and puffiness. Next, a cell-rejuvenation ampoule is applied to the face to increase oxygen intake and promote collagen production. The piece d'resistance is the warm paraffin hand dip that completes the experience.

Vitamin C Facial

Where: Adam Broderick Salon & Spa (Ridgefield, CT)

Time: 75 minutes

Price: $105

Products: Hylunia

According to Jacqueline Czap, director of education at Adam Broderick Salon & Spa, this anti-aging treatment combats the visible and not yet visible signs of sun damage as well as the effects of every day environmental pollutants. The facial begins with the application of a non-abrasive papaya enzyme followed by a custom-blended vitamin C peel. The peel is removed and an antioxidant mask of ginseng and green tea is applied and activated with a spritz of vanilla calendula mist. Once the mask is activated, clear plastic (think Saran Wrap with holes) is placed over the face to help the mask deeply penetrate the skin. While the mask is absorbing, clients are treated to an extensive hand, arm, neck, and scalp massage. Finally, the mask is removed and Beyond C serum and protective moisturizer are applied to the face.

Glow Facial

Where: Auberge du Soleil (Rutherford, CA)

Time: 75 minutes

Price: $162

Products: Éminence Organic Skin Care

The facial begins with the esthetician cleansing the client's face with -inence's antioxidant-rich Lemon Cleanser, followed by Wild Plum Tonique, which contains pectin to enrich and nourish fatigued skin and salicylic acid to remove surface impurities. An AHA fruit pulp peel is then applied to the client's skin and topped with paprika serum to increase blood flow to the face. It's so intense, says spa director Peggy Francis, "that clients can actually feel the pulse in their faces." The peel is followed by a mask with Stone Crop, a healing plant that is used to cool and normalize the skin. The facial is completed with an application of moisturizer chosen according to skin type: Apricot Whip with vitamins A, B, C, and D for normal skin or Black Perlette Grape with grapeseed extract and Coenzyme Q10 for drier complexions.

The Santa Fe Facial

Where: The Avanyu Spa at La Posada de Sante Fe (Santa Fe, NM)

Time: 80 minutes

Price: $165

Products: B. Kamins

A unique treatment that combines local ingredients like chili pepper and corn with B. Kamins products, the Santa Fe Facial gives clients a taste of the old Southwest. Designed specifically for the arid environment typical of the region, the treatment stimulates (with chili and Cayenne pepper) and soothes (with corn) most skin types, leaving clients with a radiant complexion. First the face is cleansed not once but twice, toned, and exfoliated with Vitamin Face Cleanser. After a brief steam and minimal extractions, clients are treated to a spicy Cayenne Pepper massage, followed by a 10 minute cooling Bio-Maple Mask and relaxing foot massage. The mask is removed with a warm towel and Bio-Maple Concentrate and Cellular Renewal Serum are then applied to help encourage the turnover of new cells. (If skin is sensitive, a milder product is used.) The treatment is completed with skin-appropriate moisturizer and a dab of eye cream.

Elemental Nature Facial

Where: Scott J. Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa (New York City)

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $135 (varies at different Aveda spas)

Products: Aveda

Inspired by Ayurvedic wisdom, Aveda's Elemental Nature Facial is based on the idea that the skin, like everything else in the universe, is made up of five basic elements: infinity, air, fire, water, and earth. Instead of focusing on individual skin types, Aveda looks at the current state of the skin and factors such things as diet, stress, or environment that may contribute to imbalances in the skin. The facial works to restore balance holistically with sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The therapist first begins a dialogue with clients, incorporating an Elemental Nature Questionnaire to determine their skin's nature. An infinity nature possesses normal to dry skin conditions. An air nature would require nourishment for dry and dehydrated skin. Irritated skin is indicative of a fire nature and blemished and congested skin is that of a water nature. Normal and oily skin conditions indicate an earth nature. All natures benefit from Aveda's Facial for Radiant Skin, which features professional-only products with tourmaline, a naturally energizing mineral. Using plant-based products, the Elemental Nature Facial is completely customizable from the type of massage-pressure point, lymphatic drainage, or Ayurvedic-to the various aromas and products used.-H.M.

Vitamin C Anti-Free Radical Facial

Where: Avon Salon & Spa (New York City)

Time: 50 minutes

Price: $135

Products: Natura Biss¯e

Recommended for sun-damaged, mature, and post-surgery faces, Avon Salon & Spa's Vitamin C Anti-Free Radical Facial utilizes the antioxidant of the moment to help diminish signs of premature aging, provide healing and regenerative benefits, and stimulate collagen production in two steps. Step one is a basic facial: stressed faces are cleansed with mild milk-based cleansers, toned, gently exfoliated, and steamed. Blackheads are extracted and the client's neck, shoulders, and hands are massaged. Once the client's skin is prepped, step two involves the application of a concentrated treatment mask in three layers. First a serum of 6 percent ascorbic acid is applied, followed by rosa mosqueta oil, which is rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, and a layer of vitamin C cream. After 15 minutes, the mask is removed and voila-healthy, luminous skin is revealed.

Thermo-Effect Facial

Where: The Sea Island Spa (Sea Island, GA)

Time: 90 minutes

Price: $165

Products: Biodroga

Using a variety of products to fit the client's individual skin type, the Thermo-Effect Facial begins with a thorough cleansing and an application of a skin-appropriate lotion. A skin analysis follows in which the esthetician determines what type of ampoules are needed. An exfoliation comes next using either Facial Peeling with AHA or Facial Peeling-Mild for more sensitive skin and those using glycolics. An Enzyme Peel can also be used on all skin types. The exfoliants, which can be used with steam, help prepare the skin for extractions. Next, a few drops are applied with the fingertips of the appropriate fluid concentrate: Moisture Plus, Firming, Couperose, Sensitive, or Vitamin. Then, a facial massage is performed with a moisturizing lotion. The Oxygen Formula Eye Care comes next followed by a lip balm. The esthetician then applies two to three tablespoons of the Vitamin Honey Mask over the face. Cooling eye compresses are placed over the eyes. The face and neck are then covered with gauze and a hardening mineral mask is applied. Left on for 20 minutes, the mask heats to 108 degrees and tightens the skin dramatically. While the mask is heating, the esthetician applies Contouring Oil to the feet and wraps them in hot towels. The hands and arms are also massaged. Finally the mask is removed and the remaining Contouring Oil is massaged into the feet.-H.M.

The Gentleman's Facial

Where: Canyon Ranch (Lenox, MA)

Time: 50 minutes

Price: $95

Products: Matis Paris

The basic Gentleman's Facial is tailored specifically to a man's skin, uses products that appeal to masculine senses, and provides anti-aging and other benefits in a no nonsense way that men can relate to easily. First the client's skin is cleansed, toned, steamed, and exfoliated. A glycolic peel is applied to help alleviate razor bumps, and extractions are performed. A mask is applied to the client's face for eight to 10 minutes while his body is massaged from scalp to toe. The service is completed with a slathering of anti-aging, firming cream and a swipe of eye/lip balm.

Environmental Control Treatment

Where: Michaeljohn Salon & Spa (Beverly Hills)

Time: 75 minutes

Price: $105

Products: Dermalogica

To begin the treatment, the esthetician encourages deep relaxation by dabbing a few drops of Soothing Additive onto the client's hands, placing them over the client's face and instructing him or her to breathe deeply. Next, the esthetician cleanses the face twice with an ultra-calming cleanser and conducts a facial diagnosis. Using centuries-old Chinese methods of examining the face to determine what is happening throughout the rest of the body, the esthetician uses a face-mapping chart to locate and treat problem areas (clients are given a copy of their charts along with product suggestions to take home at the end of the treatment). An exfoliant or five-minute peel is then applied. After the esthetician performs any necessary extractions, the client receives an acupressure massage. Dampened gauze with Calming Botanical Mixer is placed over the client's eyes and face to prepare the skin for the soothing Colloidal Oatmeal Mask. Applied with a wooden spatula, the pasty mixture has healing properties tailored to sensitive skin. After 15 minutes, the mask is removed; skin is spritzed with Soothing Protection Spray and covered with Barrier Repair Cream followed by an intensive eye cream and moisturizer with SPF 15.