Fruit and Veggies Prove to Be the Best for Your Skin!


As we have heard time and time again, to stay healthy eat your fruit and veggies! But what about eating fruit and veggies to improve the appearance of your skin? 
Fruits and vegetables in their raw form will give you a plethora of nutrients, but two recent human clinical studies have shown the benefits of fruit and vegetable intake and their affect on the appearance of the skin! 
In a 12-week double blind study published in January’s Skin Pharmacology & Physiology showed that supplementing with a fruit and vegetable concentrate (Juice Plus,) improved skin hydration, thickness and microcirculation in 26 healthy middle-aged women. After clinical assessment, skin microcirculation improved by close to 40 percent! 
Following in these footsteps comes another small study published in PLOS One this month concluding that eating carotenoid rich fruits and vegetables improved skin tone and appearance over 6 weeks.  The researchers believe the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and skin tone are strongly influenced by carotenoids, particularly lycopene that affected skin tone and polyphenols that support microcirculation and elasticity. 
The Huffington Post commented on this recent study with experts stating that the skin is very forgiving and if you don’t get your fruits and vegetables everyday that is okay. Really? That leaves some food for thought……
Yours in Health & Beauty,
Paula Simpson