Fruitful Fall

During the last two months I've followed a fairly strict clean-eating plan. Though it was tough giving up many of my favorite snacks, it has helped me realize the incredible flavors and nutrients found in nature. Thankfully I made this nutrition choice in the middle of summer when the produce aisles and farmer's markets are filled with ripe delicacies and fresh harvests. I've tried more varieties of fruit and savored their subtle sweetness, and still there are many more exotic and local options out there. Though I don't make it my personal mission to discover the next superfruit, I like to follow along on the trailblazers heels. Eric Helms, founder of Juice Generation, is constantly on the hunt for new nutrient-rich fruits to boost his juice menu and his latest is the aronia berry, which happens to be native to the American Midwest. This small blue-purple fruit has two-to-four times the antioxidants of acai berries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, and goji berries, according to USDA studies. Other research shows that the berries have performance enhancing effects when consumed pre-workout. Benefits, such as decreased oxidative stress, extend through the next day after exercising too. Though Helms has a near exclusive on the berry's crop this year, keep a lookout for spa-friendly juice and smoothie ideas featuring this up-and-coming superfruit to add to your menu.

How does your spa help guests enjoy a clean, healthful diet during their visits?