Fun Facts for National Lipstick Day

national lipstick day

I always use lipstick as a fun way to add color to my look. My whole ensemble can go from glum to glam in a few seconds with the right shade of lipstick. And since everyday should be a day of celebration, it comes to no surprise that there is a whole day to applaud lipstick. National Lipstick Day is today, so here are a few fun lipstick facts to keep up your sleeve (along with your favorite lip color).

  • A study from the University of Manchester found that wearing red lipstick holds a man’s gaze more than three times longer than wearing no lipstick.
  • According to YouCam Makeupp app, their lipstick trial feature has been ranked the #1 most used feature on the app for the past 6 months.
  • About 81 percent of American women wear lipstick, compared to only 70 percent of French women, according to a poll by the market research group Mintel.
  • Almost two times more females prefer a matte finish over a gloss finish.
  • Hazel Bishop, a biochemist with a background in petroleum science, was the first to formulate a long-lasting lipstick formula in the 1950s.
  • Sunday is the peak time of applying virtual lipstick. Female users are mostly using YouCam Makeup and trying on different shades on Sunday night (7 to 9 pm) to prepare their looks for the week ahead.
  • Bright pinks and red shades are still the most popular colors in July.
  • Rosy pink shades are rising as a trendy color in July.
  • “Rouge Dior” is Dior’s most popular lipstick ever.
  • Females living on the West Coast apply nude shades twice more than females living on the East Coast.
  • Red shades still dominate across all of the U.S. cities.

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