Get Smooth Moves with Keratherapy

This morning changed my life. Or, at least it changed my life for the next three months. As I've mentioned before on this blog, my unruly hair is a source of contention for me. When I don't have time to get a professional blowout, I usually find myself just throwing it back in a ponytail and calling it a day, which isn't always the most attractive look, especially on days when the humidity is high and I frizz up like a Fraggle Rock character. But today, all that changed, thanks to my visit to Carlos Lobo Salon here in New York City, where I received a Keratherapy Intense Renewal treatment. When I arrived at the salon, Patricia Spuri, the owner, personally greeted me. After learning I had never gotten any sort of straightening or smoothing treatment before, she sat down with me and explained how Keratherapy differs from other systems, including the fact that it contains a combination of certified organic ingredients with silk amino acids, as well as soy proteins and antioxidants to ensure the health of my hair. For the next two hours I sat in the chair and chatted with my lovely and talented stylist, Cynara (she's the pretty one on the left), while she worked her magic. I was so engrossed in our conversation that I didn't realize she had finished until I looked up and saw a girl with fabulously straight hair staring back at me in the mirror. I am beyond pleased with the results, and it couldn't have come at a better time, with the hot, humid days of summer quickly approaching. So, thank you, Keratherapy and Carlos Lobo Salon for straightening this spa editor out!