Gilded Facial

Everything seems to glitter and glow around the holidays. Even skincare services get a bit gilded this time of year. This month I checked out the new Orogold Cosmetics outpost in New York City and was treated a luxurious mini-facial with products recommended by the skin specialist on duty. I tried out The Heat Radiance Facial (using products from the Termica Collection) and the 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenating Mask. The store offers clients who purchase products a chance to try them out as a complimentary treat in the luxurious facial room at the back of the store. This VIP suite is decked out in opulent fabrics and features golden walls, all complementing the luxe skincare brand. The glitzy décor may be for show, but the 24K gold in the products isn’t. Gold and other precious metals can help combat troubled skin (more on those benefits in The Luxe Factor). Here are a few more products blessed with the Midas touch:

Orogold Cosmetics 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer is enriched with a potent mixture of vitamins that mimic the skin’s natural nutrients to deliver concentrated moisture for the appearance of a more even complexion over time.

La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold contains advanced peptides and a gold infusion to improve elasticity, encourage lines and wrinkles to fade away, and improve skintone for lit from within skin.

Prana SpaCeuticals AU 24K Serum contains a cocktail of active ingredients, including vitamin B12, marine collagen, pycnogenol, centella asiatica, and genuine german gold. This innovative antioxidant enriched formula helps stimulate cellular growth and tighten the skin while providing anti-inflammatory properties.

How do you make your treatments extra special around the holidays for new and returning guests?