Groupon Deals That Sound Too Good to Be True

Earlier this year, I moderated a panel discussing the pros and cons of Groupon at the IECSC New York show. I’m especially interested in the topic, as I frequently rely on Groupon and other discount-related to sites to check out restaurants in my neighborhood. The consensus of the panel was that Groupon could be a useful tool to generate business but only with a carefully structured deal. Skincare services, such as facials, were considered to costly to offer. Laser services seemed a better bet. However, I have to wonder how some spas stay in business with deals such as the one I found on Groupon this morning.  A new spa in Brooklyn is offering six laser hair removal treatments on a small, medium, or large area for just $89. That’s a 91 percent discount. Even if clients return for additional treatments beyond the six purchased, I can’t imagine how the spa can ever recoup the profits lost. We all know lasers don’t come cheap. What are some deals that have caught your attention recently? And what do you think about group discount sites?