The Hamptons Serve Up Healthy Offerings this Summer

While I won't be Hamptons-bound for the upcoming July 4th holiday, I know many of my friends will be. And I certainly can't blame them, as it is one of my favorite weekend escapes. Montauk, in particular, calls to me with its laid-back vibe. This summer, health and wellness seem to be taking center stage there, as The Surf Lodge, a Hamptons hotspot, is introducing some healthy highlights, such as outdoor yoga on the deck and juices from The Juicy Naam available on the breakfast and brunch menu and for those interested in a cleanse. The popular Ruschmeyer's in Montauk, another hotspot, is also offering classes from The People's Bootcamp on its back lawn on Saturday mornings throughout the summer season. For more on the Hamptons spa scene, be sure to check out Destinations in the upcoming August issue.

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