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Skin aging is influenced by many factors including genetics, environmental stressors, hormonal changes and metabolic processes. Combined, these factors, both intrinsic (those which may not be modified) and extrinsic (those that may be changed), lead to cumulative changes of skin structure, function and appearance.

Aging skin is at risk of breakdown as a result of a number of processes, which culminate in the adverse of effects of excessive inflammation and oxidative stress.  Skin at advanced ages, has a thinner epidermis with flattened dermal ridges making it less resistant to stressors. Coupled with a reduced ability of the skin to regenerate and a less efficient protective immune functioning, aging leaves the skin more vulnerable to stressors and inflammatory conditions.

Macro and Microalgae’s have been used in spa treatments, cosmetics and nutritional supplements for many decades, notably known for their vitality, anti- inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. There are more than 50,000 algae species on the planet (each with unique characteristics and traits).

Algae’s may help to diminish the visible signs of aging through stimulating collagen, firming the skin and promoting healthy cell renewal. Its fine colloidal particles and absorbent properties significantly enhance its deep cleansing and detoxification benefits for skin.

One microalgae species that has recently caught my attention due to its superior nutritional properties is NannochloropsisIt provides a wholesome approach for skin health containing many nutrients often deficient in prematurely aged skin. With an excellent amino acid profile, a rich source of lipids (omega-3, omega-6, 7, 9 fatty acids) and a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and pigments including chlorophyll and carotenes Nannochloropsisoffer complete nutrition to revitalize and protect skin.

In vitro studies have shown in comparison to other microalgae’sNannochloropsis was most effective in;

  • Combating intracellular oxidative stress, a leading factor in accelerated skin aging.
  • Have the most significant influence on collagen 1 synthesis in human fibroblasts, supporting dermal strengthening and firming activity.


Nannochloropsis is rich in targeted actives such as astaxanthin and omega 7 that have been clinically proven to combat skin aging.

  • Astaxanthin,a carotenoid nutrient clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin wrinkles, age spot size, elasticity, skin texture and moisture content in women and men when applied topically. As an antioxidant and photo-protectant, Astaxanthin may be effective in neutralizing skin damaging free radicals caused UVR exposure.
  • Fatty acidsare essential components of skin cellular membranes and determine the physiological structure and function of the human skin.Nannochloropsis provides a balanced blend of fatty acids, including omega7 (Palmitoleic acid) recently suggested to assist in skin cell rejuvenation, including hyperpigmentation disorders.


As a premium and complete source of nutrition, Nannochloropsis may be the new kid on the block that can offer spas an all-inclusive, effective anti aging ingredient for body facial and anti-aging treatments.


Yours in Health & Beauty,

Paula Simpson


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