How to Add Tomatoes to Your Summer Spa Menu

ValuaVitaly / iStock / Getty Images Plus (ValuaVitaly / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Because the height of summer is the best time for growing tomatoes and reaping the benefits of their UV-fighting benefits, this is the perfect season for adding tomato-based treatments to your spa’s menu. “Summer sun is here, and with the increased UV exposure, everyone’s skin can use some extra protection from aging and sun damage,” says Szep Elet’s Szilvia Hickman. “Tomatoes boost the skin’s ability to fight UV damage, which causes aging. Using tomato-based skincare with your usual SPF further increases your protection.” The best way for spas to get clients interested in these treatments is to properly market them by not only letting clients know that they are available at the spa but also educating them on the many benefits they offer to the skin. For spas that have a storefront, Hickman suggests growing cherry tomatoes in a bin outside that gets adequate sun during the day and putting a clever poster near the plant promoting the spa treatment.

Rhonda Allison thinks promoting tomatoes in the spring is also a great idea, as they help “spring clean” the skin and brighten the overall tone. Another fun way to promote tomato-based treatments, according to Allison, is to create a destination facial series in which tomatoes represent Italy. 

Because the farm-to-spa trend is so popular these days, Nature Pure Labs's Victoria Tabak believes spas should market tomato-based treatments as a garden experience or as a nutritional-skin diet facial. She suggests emphasizing that it is food for the cells and helps promote healthy, radiant skin. To further encourage clients to consider tomato-based services, Tabak suggests offering tomato juice to clients or adding tomatoes to antioxidant-rich vegetable smoothies. 

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