It's in the Genes

Get personal with clients who are looking for an anti-aging product by offering Dermagenetics, a custom-created skincare regimen based on a person's genetic composition. Here's how it works: first, collect your client's DNA by swabbing the inside of his or her cheek. Then, send the sample to the Dermagenetics laboratory, where the information is used to create a personalized skincare product focusing on five areas: the skin's genetic propensity to break down collagen, photoaging, skin aging, wrinkling, and the skin's overall ability to tolerate environmental pollutants. At the lab, products are formulated by adding the client's ideal active ingredients to the base formula. The finished product is then shipped back to your spa with an individual label containing each person's name and a bar-code number. A list of the ingredients used to create the product is also included. Clients are snapping up their customized products at Fusion Spa (Birmingham, AL) and The Image Center (Sarasota, FL), among others. (888) 380-5520; —Nanci McArdle