Long Live Lashes

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve always had great eyelashes. Makeup artists would always comment on them, one recently even asked if I had extensions. Nope, they’re all real and naturally curly like my hair. I didn’t understand why anyone would pay money for an eyelash curler until I played beautician for friends in college and battled stick-straight lashes. That’s not the only way to make clients’ eyes pop, though. After learning about the benefits of lash conditioners, I’ve added a few to my daily routine and noticed results. More spas are offering specialty lash services as well, and for good reason. There is a growing demand for anything and everything lashes—conditioners, extensions, tinting, and temporary falsies. For clients with all types of lashes, the conditioners below can offer an extra flirty boost for eyes to help them look their best and bump up your spa’s retail sales.

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