Margarita Pedicure

What's more refreshing than a poolside pedicure on a warm summer day? How about one served with a frosty margarita. At Kelly's Spa at The Mission Inn (Richmond, CA), the Margarita Pedicure ($65, 55 minutes) begins as the client is offered the cool lime drink and a stimulating foot soak. The soak is a blend of massage oil, lime essential oil, and cool water, with floating lime slices. After approximately 10 minutes, the feet are dried, and nail and cuticle care is provided. The lime slices are used to soften the client's heels. Next, a mix of Epson salt, massage oil, lime essential oil, and the juice and zest of one lime is applied to the feet and lower legs for a stimulating exfoliation. After a cool-water rinse, the client receives a foot-and-leg massage with lime-scented massage lotion. Finally, polish by Creative Nail Design is applied in a color that suits the season. The result? Sexy summer feet that deserve a toast. For Creative Nail Design products: (877) CND-NAIL;

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