Media Make-Up Academy Launches in Miami

Applying makeup is a talent I don't really possess. I have friends, however, who can go from looking like Plain Janes to Mysterious Minxes with just a little eyeliner and mascara. Needless to say, I envy the skill in which they're able to transform themselves. My evening look, unfortunately, isn't dramatically different from my daytime look, which is why I've always wanted to take a lesson from the pros. Those in Miami who share my desire to learn makeup artistry can now do so thanks to the launch of the Media Make-Up Academy. With locations already in Chicago and New York City, the new school is slated to open in South Beach in July. Classes will be run by veteran celebrity makeup artist Amanda Shackleton, who founded the other locations in 2009. Makeup 101, an intensive class lasting 40 hours, will be offered starting July 29. What, if anything, is your spa doing to help clients improve their application techniques?

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