Minx Nails Help Athletes Express their Love of Country

Obsessed with the Olympics like most of the country, I can't help but appreciate the lengths people go to express their patriotism. While I find grills a definite beauty don't, I think it would have been amusing had Team USA gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte been allowed to wear his $25,000 custom red, white, and blue diamond-encrusted grill on the podium. Olympic officials may have nixed the idea, but that hasn't stopped other athletes from finding ways to show their team spirit. One that has proven rather popular is wearing patriotic nail designs. Minx Nails created more than 200 flags so athletes could show their support for their country. Applied in the Olympic Village by Minx nail stylists, the designs can be found on athletes such as American beach volleyball player Missy May and British swimmer Rebecca Adlington. Fortunately, you don't have to be in London or an Olympic athlete to sport the flag-loving fingertips, as Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin recently launched The Tasting Room, an online venue where consumers and nail professionals can purchase exclusive Minx designs that aren't available anywhere else.