O2 Oxygen Rejuvinating Facial

The air in most cities is not exactly pure. This lack of fresh air can lead to headaches, stress, wrinkles, fatigue, and depression. Blue Medical Beauty Spa (Los Angeles) offers the O2 Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial ($150, 45 minutes) to give clients the oxygen their skin craves. The therapist begins by cleansing the skin with a gel cleanser. Using O2 Salon products and equipment throughout the treatment, the therapist sprays the skin with a hyaluronic acid-based serum using a topical hyperbaric applicator to exert high-pressure medical-grade oxygen and topical hyperbaric pressure. These steps are performed continually for 30 minutes. The treatment usually feels extremely cool and soothing, like a soft gliding motion on the skin, performed slowly and softly. The skin must stay moist throughout the treatment so that the topical hyperbaric pressure has a consistent effect. One pump of Eye Gel and two pumps of Hydration Gel are then applied to the face and infused into the skin with the topical hyperbaric pressure. To complete the treatment, two pumps of Moisture Binding Cream are applied. Blue Medical Beauty Spa consultant Michelle Gonzales suggests only treating half the face during a client's first session so that he or she can see the results. For long-term benefits, a series of six weekly treatments is recommended. For O2 Salon products: (562) 432-0632; www.o2salon.com.au.—SR