OKA b. Helps Clients Look, Feel, And Do Good

Last weekend, I set aside a day for the dreaded wardrobe switch, where I put all of my winter sweaters, wool coats, and snow boots into storage and replace them with cute little dresses, T-shirts, and flip flops. (Maybe this is just a New York City thing, but it is what most of us are forced to do when living in apartments without much closet space.) When I realized my flip-flops from last year had seen better days, I logged on to the OKA b. website to check out their new styles for the season. (I LOVE the Alexandra in Pearl, shown here.) I've been an OKA b. fan for years because the sandals are available in cute styles, and they are super-comfortable due to the massage beads and arches. And now I like the company even more: I was impressed when I read about the company’s "Emancipate Your Feet" initiative, which promotes recycling and philanthropy. Customers who donate a used pair of shoes to Souls4Soles will receive 40 percent off a new pair of sandals. That's a sweet treat for the feet and the environment. To find out more about this initiative, click here.