Pampering Pedicures

The Perrier Jouët Patio Pedicure

The Perrier Jouët Patio Pedicure at the Nob Hill Spa at the Huntington Hotel (San Francisco) offers the ideal way to usher in the summer season. Available May 1 through October 31, the decadent pedicure is set on the spa's sun deck, 30 stories above the city. Enjoying panoramic views of the city skyline, the guest relaxes in a chaise lounge with a glass of Perrier Jouët champagne. The stage is set for the $85, 45-minute treatment with a flower placed on the chaise before the guest arrives, a basin of petal-strewn water, and an umbrella to provide shade. The therapist first spritzes the feet with Babor Active Foot Spray. The feet are then immersed in the basin, which also contains Babor Active Foot Soak. The next step is the removal of any polish. The client then lies back and the therapist commences any cuticle and callus care that may be necessary. Complete with algae and apricot seeds, Natural Body Peeling is used to exfoliate the legs and feet. The therapist then massages the client's legs and feet with Vitamin ACE Body Cream. A small amount may also be applied to the hands. After applying Active Foot Gel, the therapist wraps the lower legs and heels of the feet, leaving the toes exposed. According to spa director Jenean LaRoche, the wrap is great for relieving swelling and refreshing tired feet. Polish is then applied. Finally, the legs and feet are unwrapped and the treatment is concluded with a spritz of Body Thermal Refreshing Spray.
photography: Mary Ellen Bartley
photography: Mary Ellen Bartley

Middle East Pedicure

The Middle East Pedicure at Beyond Day Spa at Hackensack University Medical Center (Hackensack, NJ) helps revive, soothe, and soften tired legs with a mixture of Dead Sea salt and red algae products from FloraSpa. The $45, 45-minute pedicure features a Stimulating Marine Bath soak. The client places his or her feet in the heated Jacuzzi bath for approximately five to seven minutes. A pedicurist then dries the feet and cares for the nails. A scraper is used on the soles of the feet. Marine Algae Sea Scrub is then applied to the bottom of the feet and the lower legs. After it has been removed, Sea Dream Silhouette Wrap is applied. The feet are then placed in plastic bags so as to help the mask penetrate the skin. For feet that need heavy-duty care, a hot towel can also be placed over them. After a few minutes, the bags are removed and the mask is rinsed off the feet and legs. The pedicurist then sprays Ocean Mist Lotion over the feet and legs. The last step is the application of a polish of the client's choosing.

Mint Julep Foot Cocktail Pedicure

A traditional Southern treat, the mint julep is more than just a mere cocktail at Anushka Spa & Sanctuary (Palm Beach, FL). There, the Mint Julep Foot Cocktail Pedicure is proving to be the ultimate tootsie treat. The pedicurist first prepares water with Anushka's Spa Bath Salts, which use salts extracted from mountain springs atop the Pyrenees in France.

The client then soaks his or her feet for approximately three to four minutes to soften the skin. Next, the pedicurist places a quarter size of mint-infused Anushka's Sea Sluff Energizing Scrub and massages the client's lower legs and the bottom of the feet. The scrub is then rinsed off in the whirlpool bath. After the feet have been removed from the bath and dried, Anushka's Almond Oil is applied from the knees down to the ankles, followed by a half-inch layer of Anushka's Mint Julep Tootsie Masque. Both legs are then wrapped in plastic to intensify the mask. With the legs wrapped, the pedicurist removes any polish, then cuts, files, and buffs the nails. Legs are then unwrapped and rinsed, and Anushka's Mint Julep Tootsie Balm with laminaria and green tea extract is applied from the knee to the bottom of the foot. A leg and foot massage comes next, followed by a hot towel wrap. After unwrapping each foot, the pedicurist cleans off the nail surface with Anushka's Tea Tree Foot Spray. Lastly, the $55, 60-minute pedicure ends with an application of polish.

Beeswax Soak

Sweet as honey, the Beeswax Soak at Honey Child Salon & Spa (Chicago) treats feet to the ultimate indulgence. The $65, 75-minute pedicure begins with a Honeysuckle Soak that was created specifically for the spa along with the other honey-based products. The pedicurist then removes any polish, treats the cuticles, and shapes the nails. The feet are then exfoliated using a pedicure file and subsequently washed using Honey Glycerin Soap. An additional exfoliation is performed with the Honeysuckle Scrub, which is mixed with pure honey to help soften and moisturize the skin. After wrapping the feet in warm, wet towels and rinsing off any remaining scrub, the pedicurist applies Honeysuckle Lotion. Next, the feet are dipped in a cocoon of paraffin, which is lined with natural beeswax. This also provides a softening and moisturizing effect. After approximately 15 minutes, the paraffin is removed. The treatment concludes with an application of the client's preferred polish.

Revitalizing Intensity Pedicure

Inspired by an ancient Polynesian ritual for well-being, the Revitalizing Intensity Pedicure from The Blue Giraffe Day Spa (Ashland, OR) uses Lushly footcare products from Comfort Zone. This $65, 90-minute pedicure begins with the client being escorted to the lounge where she or he is given a warm neck wrap scented with cinnamon and clover and a cup of herbal tea. Once in the pedicure chair, the client is treated to a homemade oatmeal cookie and footbath using Lushly Floral Foot Soak. After approximately five minutes, the nail technician removes the feet from the soak and begins to remove any polish and perform any necessary cuticle care. Next, Fruity Peel, a jojoba crystal scrub, is applied. According to owner Trisha Kolker, it's so concentrated it dissolves easily and doesn't feel gritty. Feet are returned to the soak after an application of Glycolactil Accelerating Gel. Using a cotton swab, the nail technician applies Alpha Therapy Serum. Depending on the client's choice of fragrance, Illipe Butter, Lushly Foot Balm, or Licorice Cream is massaged into the feet and up to the top of the knees. The technician then applies an Algae Wrap mask to the feet and legs and wraps them in plastic and hot towels. After 10 minutes, the mask is removed and the nails are polished. This fragrant pedicure ends with an application of Lushly Floral Foot Balm or Licorice Cream.


For feet that need special attention, the Extremely Buff pedicure at The Rocky Mountain Spa of Steamboat Springs (Steamboat Springs, CO) is one of the spa's more intensive foot treatments. It's designed to offer a more clinical pedicure using more aggressive products than the traditional spa pedicure. Beginning with a footbath, the $70 treatment takes 75 minutes. The nail technician begins first by soaking the client's feet in a Cuccio Pedi-Fizz footbath for two to five minutes, depending on the condition of the feet.

A heavy-grain exfoliation comes next using Bath Bloomers Bubbling Bath Salts. The client is given a variety of scents from which to choose: Mint, Citrus, Hibiscus, and Lavender. Pevonia's Callo-Peel is then applied. The feet are then placed in plastic baggies for approximately 10 minutes. After they have been cleansed, the feet are exfoliated with a Cuccio Lava Rock, followed by a foot file exfoliation and an application of Bath Bloomers Buffing Grains on the feet and lower legs. Pevonia's Silky Foot Peel is applied next. The nail technician then tends to the cuticles and files the nails. A foot and leg massage comes next with Pevonia's Multi-active Foot Cream. Finally, Pevonia's Tension Relief Gel is applied and nails are painted.


A six-step treatment, the OPI Retreat at Blue River Canyon Day Spa (Brentwood, TN) helps refresh and revitalize the feet. This $65, 75-minute pedicure features products from OPI. The first step is a tea tree footbath using Soak, which cleanses and softens the feet. The nail technician then applies Soften with cooling menthol to help soften calluses. Next, the feet are exfoliated using Scrub, which includes natural sugar crystals, alpha hydroxy acids, green tea, and more. Soothing the senses with cucumber and green tea essences, a hydrating clay mask with cooling menthol, shea butter extract, and OPI's Avocado Lipid Complex is applied. Massage, a lotion with botanical extracts, comes next followed by Smooth, an AHA treatment that helps protect skin. The treatment includes nail and cuticle care as well as an application of polish.