Personalized Peels

Peels can be intimidating even for seasoned spa-goers, and often it is for the same reasons these treatments are effective. The common ingredients in peels are concentrated and powerful, so the products used provide visible results and positive changes in the skin. Still, modern peels contain balanced formulas (some, like Cosmedix, are chirally correct) and precise protocols so informed clients have nothing to fear. Peels are also an ideal way to ensure client loyalty and bring in more profits than standard facials because they are most effective in a series over multiple spa visits. Recommending clients start with low intensity peels can provide the gentle introduction they need. I recently experienced a series of two peels at Fusion Spa (New York City). Any apprehension about possible side effects quickly disappeared thanks to the comforting environment and thorough consultation completed by spa owner and esthetician Tiffany Albert. I learned how important it is to be aware of all products from my daily routine, what ingredients to avoid post-peel, and the proper homecare regimen to keep skin healthy while it recovers.

For my first peel, Albert recommended the Cosmedix Benefit Treatment, a therapeutic resurfacer that would target hyperpigmentation and blemishes without any downtime. It contains a 10 percent encapsulated vitamin A, vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid, and fruit enzymes. This solution is so gentle, it is left on overnight to allow all the antioxidants to soak in and repair the skin. I knew what to expect on the days following and my skin behaved just as it was supposed to, a bit of flaking a few days later and appearing clearer and smoother quickly. Two weeks later, I returned for the Cosmedix Pomegranate Exfoliator, an antioxidant rich gentle lactic acid treatment. The pomegranate and red wine resveratrol work on the surface of the skin to correct superficial skin concerns. I saw a smoother, more radiant complexion the next day and knew the results were real when I received glowing compliments throughout the day.

For more recommendations on how to ensure each client interested in peels has a positive experience like mine, register and tune in Monday, Oct. 20 at 1:00 pm EST (10:00 am PST) as Cosmedix vice president David Valenzuela and education manager Marilyn Coates discuss how innovative and strategic peels help improve client retention and your spa’s bottom line.