Radiant Review

GM Collin, oxygenating facial, oxygen facial, GM Collin facial

GM Collin, oxygenating facial, oxygen facial, GM Collin facialSpa-goers are as diverse as their motivations bringing them to the spa in the first place. Some walk through the doors for relaxation and pampering and others for pure results. I, too, switch my expectations depending on what spa I’m visiting. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to experience an invigorating facial at Oasis Day Spa (New York City). For this visit I wanted results, and the Oxygenating Treatment using G.M. Collin products delivered. This facial targets oily and acne-prone skin with a 5-step treatment formulated with BHA, AHAs, and an Oxygen Complex. Though my skin isn't typically oily, it does break out from time to time and my skin requires a re-boot on those occasions. Even though the active ingredients are hard-hitters, it was a thoroughly relaxing experience. My esthetician was especially thorough, clearing my pores with extractions and combined with the balancing products, I left with a glowing-from-within complexion.

What facials on your menu bring radiance into spa-goers’ complexions?