A Recipe for a More Balanced Life

Anyone who works in a spa knows that it's not nearly as relaxing as it sounds. However, it is important to practice what the industry preaches. Living a life of balance is an important step to staying both healthy and happy. Lifestyle coach and founder of Forward Options, Karen Elizaga has created a menu to achieve balance, energy, and happiness in your everyday life. Her recipe is simple, just choose one appetizer and one main course off the following menu for the next 21 days. You may be surprised by the difference it makes and how carving out time for yourself yields such life-changing rewards.


  • Gratitude: When you awake in the morning, compile a list of the things, both big and little, for which you're grateful.
  • Love: First thing in the morning, take an inventory of all the reasons you love yourself.
  • Breathe: Throughout the day, pay attention and breathe deeply.
  • Posture: Stand-up straight throughout the day. How you hold your body has a direct correlation to your mood.
  • Smile: Whether alone or among friends, smile. You can actually trick your body into actually believing there is happiness behind it.

Main Courses

  • Nutrition: Ditch all processed and fast food as well as sugary treats and drinks. Also try to eat mostly organic. This will give you a boost of energy to last throughout the day.
  • Exercise: Work out at least three times a week.
  • No: It may be difficult to say, but don't hesitate when it means making more time for yourself, family, intimacy, or exercise.
  • Date Night: Whether you're in a relationship or not, carve out time at least once a week for the person or people you love.
  • BFF Time: At least once a week, book lunch, tea, or a manicure with a friend who has your back, makes you laugh, and loves to listen,
  • Dancing: When you're swamped and unable to commit to another Main Course for the day, turn up your favorite music and just dance.

How do you and your clients stay balanced when life gets too hectic?