Restore your Heart

Miraval Resort & Spa (Tucson, AZ) honors Native American traditions with the Restore Your Heart massage treatment ($170, 80 minutes). The hot-and-cool stone therapy begins with a smoke-bath ritual called smudging, where southwestern sage and sweetgrass are burned to drive out negative energies and welcome good influences to the room. Next, a massage incorporating cool white marble stones and warm black basalt stones is performed. The mix of hot and cold sensations balance the body's opposing energies by soothing and penetrating deep body tissues to stimulate healing. The session ends with the therapist presenting the guest with a third-eye stone talisman, which is a reminder of clarity, self-power, and vision. This signature treatment, designed to emulate the healing ceremonies of the region's Native American ancestors, is ideal for treating muscle inflammation and pain.

Cranberry Cheer Facial

Cranberries move beyond the holiday dinner table with the seasonal Cranberry Cheer Facial ($110, 50 minutes) at Kelly's Spa at The Mission Inn (Riverside, CA). The treatment, which uses Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals, begins with a light cleansing and steam followed by the application of a gentle cranberry enzyme scrub and an exfoliating mask to gently slough away dead skin cells. After gentle extractions, a rejuvenating skin serum is applied. Next, while a customized mask nourishes and replenishes dehydrated winter skin, guests get into the holiday spirit as they receive a luxurious hand and arm massage with a choice of seasonal aromatherapy lotions. The session concludes with a hot-towel facial compress and application of moisturizer with SPF. Clients leave the spa with a mistletoe-worthy, cranberry-induced glow. For Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals products: (323) 661-4544; —J.K .