Scalp Service

back from the Beach

Where: Thermae Day Spa (Menlo Park, CA)

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $50

Products: Rene Furterer

The Back From the Beach scalp treatment begins with an application of warm Carthame Oil to the head. A therapist massages it into the scalp, where it's left to penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes. A full head, neck, and shoulder massage is provided in that time to help relax the client. The hair is then rinsed and washed with After-sun Shampoo, which contains shea butter, lecithin of egg and soy, and essential oil of lemon. Next, the After-sun Repairing Mask is applied and left on for approximately five to 10 minutes. It works to nourish and restructure the hair shaft. Again, the scalp and hair are rinsed, and the therapist applies After-sun Hair Balm to detangle and repair dry ends.

REVITALIZING botanical scalp treatment

Where: Stellar Spa (Corte Madera, CA)

Time: Varies (according to accompanying treatment)

Price: $20 (available only as an add-on)

Products: Private Label

Offered as an add-on to scrubs and body wraps, the Revitalizing Botanical Scalp Treatment generally takes place when the client is wrapped in a warm cocoon. With a handheld shower, the therapist begins by shampooing the hair. A proprietary blended scalp treatment is then massaged into the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. Aloe vera, jojoba seed oil, chamomile, calendula, horsetail, and peppermint are just some of the treatment's beneficial ingredients. Next, the head is covered with plastic and wrapped with two hot towels and one dry towel. The treatment is then left to penetrate the scalp and hair. According to massage therapist Sara Inclenrock, the treatment is designed more for the scalp than the hair. "It's very invigorating and moisturizing," she says. "It stimulates and energizes." Based on the length of the original treatment to which the service is being added, the total length of time the formula is left on the head can vary, although it's generally around 20 to 25 minutes.

key lime and avocado BUTTER

Where: The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Key Biscayne (Key Biscayne, FL)

Time: 30 minutes

Price: $30

Products: Kerastase, Private Label

Ideal for reducing tension, the Key Lime and Avocado Butter treatment nourishes dry, damaged hair. Made exclusively for The Ritz-Carlton Spa, the Key Lime and Avocado Hair Butter is applied to dry hair. A scalp massage follows to help distribute the product throughout the hair. After the invigorating massage, hair is wrapped in a towel. The client then relaxes under a drier for approximately 10 minutes while the product works to penetrate the hair. For those who prefer even deeper conditioning, the product can be left on for an additional hour or two. Some resort guests venture off to the beach or relax poolside with the product still in their hair. The product is then washed out with an appropriate shampoo from Kerastase. The treatment is designed to go along with the spa's other signature key lime and avocado treatments.

FACIAL for your hair

Where: J.F. Lazartigue Hair Spa and Treatment Center (New York City)

Time: Varies (according to condition of hair)

Price: $150

Products: J.F. Lazartigue

Working to deliver lasting brilliance and shine, J.F. Lazartigue's hair facial begins with a hair and scalp analysis using a magnifying scope. The analysis is helpful in revealing hair type and the condition of the hair shaft and bulb. A consultant can determine if a client is anemic, is nervous by nature, or has recently suffered a cold-all by looking at a single strand of hair. Once a diagnosis has been made, a treatment is customized to the individual. Oily scalps are generally treated to an application of Propolis Jelly, which is used to exfoliate and purify. The next step depends on the condition of the hair shaft. For extremely dry or damaged hair, the Pre-shampoo Cream with Shea Butter is applied. Dehydrated or fragile hair requires Deep Action Treatment with Carrot Oil while fine, lifeless hair is treated to Salmon Protein Hair Restorer. Products can be mixed together based on the state of the hair. The client is then left to relax under a steamer for approximately 20 minutes. Hair is then rinsed and cleansed with an appropriate treatment shampoo, followed by a treatment conditioner. A relaxing head, neck, and shoulder massage is included. Finally, the client is given a treatment prescription, which can be followed at home and in-between appointments. Most J.F. Lazartigue clients are regulars who schedule frequent treatments. A hair analysis is scheduled, on average, every three months to gauge the results as well as to make any alterations to the prescribed treatment.


Where: Camille Day Spa (Santa Barbara, CA)

Time: 40 minutes

Price: $58

Products: Abba, Private Label, Rusk

Beginning with an in-depth hair analysis, The Hair Facial helps pinpoint and treat issues that may be affecting the health of the hair and scalp. It must first be determined what type of treatment is required based on whether the hair has been chemically treated or is subjected to hard water. According to owner Camille Ysebrands, hard-water deposits are a common complaint in the Santa Barbara area. If a client is undergoing a course of antibiotics or has a weakened immune system, his or her hair usually pays the price. The treatment starts with a deep-cleansing with Purify shampoo from Rusk. If hair is in need of more detoxifying, the product is left on longer. Clients undergoing chemotherapy are sometimes put under a steamer. Next, a customized Protein Strengthener is applied to the hair and left on for 15 minutes while hair is steamed. It is then rinsed off and Abba Moisture Sensation, a deep conditioning mask, is applied and left on for five minutes. It's ideal for people suffering from various scalp conditions. A minty moisturizing massage comes next using a product called Sense. It's applied to the pads of the fingers and then massaged through the scalp and behind the neck and ears. Finally, a leave-in conditioner with a light sunscreen is combed through the hair. It's recommended that client's refrain from blow-drying their hair in order to maximize the treatment's benefits.

CLAY pack hair treatment

Where: Red Mountain Resort & Spa (Ivins, UT)

Time: 50 minutes; 80 minutes with style

Price: $45; $65 with style

Products: Altobella

Intended to improve the look and manageability of hair, the Clay Pack Hair Treatment is recommended for those suffering with fine or damaged locks. The hair is first washed with Clay Pack Shampoo. Designed to provide deep conditioning benefits, the treatment utilizes a clay protein mixture to add moisture and shine. It is applied and left on the hair for 20 minutes under a drier. After it has been rinsed out, the Clay Pack Conditioner is applied in conjunction with a scalp massage for 10 to 15 minutes. Ideal for color-treated hair, it helps prevent fading and enhances lifeless color.

the spa scalp and hair MASK

Where: Spa Studio (San Mateo, CA)

Time: 40 minutes

Price: $35

Products: Bioelements

Set in a beautifully tiled wet room called the Aqua Room, The Spa Scalp and Hair Mask at Spa Studio begins with an evaluation of the client's hair. After cleansing the client's hair with Bioelements Spa Shampoo, the therapist prepares a customized treatment by blending Bioelements Spa Scalp and Hair Mask with either a corrective or revitalizing cocktail, depending on the client's hair. Those with processed or damaged locks would be more likely to receive the mask with Corrective Cocktail added to the blend. The therapist works the mask through the hair and scalp and then wraps the client's head in a plastic cap and covers it with a towel. Soothing eye pads are applied to the client's eyes. He or she is then left to relax on the table for approximately 20 minutes. The treatment can be left on for up to an hour for those clients with especially damaged hair. Next, the Vichy shower is used to rinse out the mask. Finally, Bioelements Unwind Detangler is applied and rinsed out, leaving hair shiny and manageable.

HERBAL hair renewal

Where: Noelle Spa for Beauty and Wellness (Stamford, CT)

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $20 (available only as an add-on)

Products: Custom, Kerastase

The Herbal Hair Renewal at Noelle generally accompanies the Upper Body Massage treatment. With the client sitting upright in a massage chair with face cradle, the scalp is given a dry brushing. Warm sesame oil is then applied and massaged into the scalp. For those who desire a fragrant scent, sandalwood fragrance can be added to the oil. The scalp, neck, and shoulders are then thoroughly massaged. A customized herbal dry mix of eucalyptus, clove, rosemary, allspice, chamomile, and more is applied to the hair's roots and massaged in. Extremely therapeutic, the dry mix helps to extract the sesame oil from the hair. It also creates a pleasant aroma when it interacts with the oil. The client is then led to a shampoo bowl where a wide-tooth comb is run through the hair to extract the herbs. Hair is then rinsed to wash out the remaining herbal mix and oil. Using products from Kerastase, hair is washed and conditioned.

the FLAKING scalp cure

Where: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa (Farmington, PA)

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $90

Products: Rene Furterer

A popular treatment, particularly this time of year, the Flaking Scalp Cure is a highly active treatment and not recommended for those who have recently colored their hair or suffer from a sensitive scalp. The hair is first brushed with a RenÆurterer half-moon boar bristle brush to distribute the hair's natural oils throughout. Next, Complex 5 is applied to dry hair. It's massaged into the scalp to help clean out the pores and remove any impurities. The treatment also stimulates blood flow to the scalp. All massaging movements are directed upwards. Carthame Oil is then applied to the middle and ends of the hair. The hair is then bagged and wrapped in a hot towel. The client is left to relax under a heat ring for 10 to 15 minutes while the product penetrates the scalp and hair. At the shampoo bowl, hair is washed with a shampoo designed for its specific type. The final step is a finishing rinse with Fioravanti Clarify and Shine Rinse. "It makes hair like glass," says salon manager Thaddeus Golonka.