Setting the Mood

Om Mani Padme Hum features poignant chanting interspersed with exotic flute, guitar, udu, and percussion tracks to offer a unique sound intended to cleanse the mind and spirit. This CD was created to help listeners fully appreciate the fact that music is a language older than any tongue.

Comfort Music 1 is a collection of songs meant to relax and promote inner peace-a great CD to play in waiting areas to help clients unwind. The soothing sounds of guitars, strings, and an oboe weave throughout the collection, which includes an angelic rendition of the Beatles' song, "In My Life," by Kevin Kern.

The Essence of Well-Being is a box set containing three CDs: Relax, Healing, and Reiki. The ambient soundscapes on Relax aid in restoring balance and renewing vitality; Healing blends together Native and Eastern instruments with occasional soft vocals to help release unconscious tension; and Reiki incorporates electronic devices and environmental sounds to support meditation and create a spiritual environment.

Written specifically for massage therapy sessions, The Path of Peace (Volumes 1 and 2) features music to relax the mind. These CDs are the latest project of Mike Deasy, ex-Hollywood studio guitarist and songwriter who worked with such celebrities as Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, and Barbra Streisand. His belief in the healing power of music prompted him to record these CDs, which make a great retail item. (409) 751-5829.-Nanci McArdle