Skincare Myths Exposed

Despite having access to a bevy of hydrating products, I'm not immune to the drying effects of winter. My skin, like many others this season, suffers the consequences. Although I know there are simple steps I could take to remedy the situation, such as banning hot showers and drinking more water, I still often need to be reminded of what will and what won't make a difference. Here, Rebecca Baxt, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, sets the record straight and dispels common myths your clients may believe to be true.

Myth #1: Your skin will age like your mother's.

Although genetics do play a role, lifestyle makes a much bigger difference. Sun exposure, drinking, smoking, stress, and unhealthy sleep habits can all sabotage skin over time.


Myth #2: The SPF number tells you how much protection you're getting from the sun.

Unfortunately, the SPF number is only a guide as to how much UVB protection the product offers. It's important to look for products that contain UVA-blocking ingredients, as well.


Myth #3: You need a separate sunscreen and moisturizer.

Sunscreens add moisture to the skin by way of their ingredients. For those who prefer to wear both, always apply a moisturizer first.


Myth #4: Most of the sun damage you incur happens before age 18.

The fact is that by age 18, you've only accumulated 18 to 24 percent of the sun damage you'll incur over a lifetime. Don't let this myth prevent you and your clients from wearing sunscreen daily.