Spa-Goer Soup

I adore baths, the bubbles and bliss found in a sudsy tub are unmatched. I also love soup, especially the noodle soup trend that’s sweeping across the city in the form of pho, ramen, and more. Combining the two has never crossed my mind. Not once. One spa has done just that and merged soup with soak. Enter noodle soup baths, or soup noodle spa, a popular experience at Yunessun Spa Resort (Hakone, Japan). The treatment is just how it sounds, stewing in a big vat of pork-based broth. A green tea bath variation is also available for those looking to up their antioxidants. Take a look at this video of soup noodle spa to see for yourself.


Would you forego the standard bubbles and essential oils for broth or tea?