Summer Style

China Glaze

Sunset Valley

  • Paint two coats of White on White over entire nail. Wait  for it to dry completely.
  • Adhere two pieces of tape in a “V” at the desired angle.
  • On the corner of a makeup sponge, paint thin stripes of Highlight of My Summer, Sun of a Peach, and Bottoms Up right next to each other.
  • Dab sponge with lacquer onto the untaped section of the nail multiple times.
  • For a more intense look, allow lacquer to dry, and repeat.
  • Before polish design dries, gently remove the tape.
  • Seal manicure with Fast Forward.

Deborah Lippmann

Pink Zin

  • File nails into a long, almond shape.
  • Start with two coats of Amazing  Grace, an opaque pure white lacquer.
  • Follow with one coat of I Kissed  A Girl, a pink from the Run the  World (Girls) set.
  • Finish with one coat of Between  The Sheets, a tantalizing fuchsia.
  • Glue a pyramid stud  one-eighth of an inch above the  cuticle in the center of each nail.

It’s So Easy

Nautical Nail Art

  • Apply a base coat.
  • Paint all but accent finger with two to three coats of white polish. Allow to dry completely.
  • Paint accent nail with two coats of red polish. While second coat is still wet, apply rhinestones in anchor design.
  • Use blue Stripe  Rite to create horizontal  stripes across white nails.
  • Use red Stripe Rite and  Double Up dotting tool to  paint anchor on one accent nail.
  • Top coat with Nail Art Sealer to seal and protect nail art.



Beach Balls

  • Prep the nail using CND’s Shellac protocol.
  • Apply a layer of Base Coat, and cure  for 10 seconds under the CND UV Lamp.
  • Apply a vertical coat of Pink Bikini to two-thirds of the nail.
  • Apply a vertical coat of Water Park to  remaining one-third of the nail, and  cure for two minutes.
  • Repeat the previous two steps.
  • Apply Black Pool in a wavy line where  Pink Bikini and Water Park meet, and cure for  two minutes. Repeat as needed. If necessary, use  the Gel Flat Oval Brush lightly moistened with IPA to touch up the design.
  • Using a stylus, apply evenly spaced black dots  on the Black Pool wave.
  • Using a stylus, apply a dot of Lobster Roll in the center of every other black dot and a dot of  Grape Gum in the center of the remaining  alternating black dots. Cure for two minutes.
  • Apply a thin layer of Top Coat, and cure  for two minutes.
  • Wipe with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol to  remove the top film.



Subtle Gradient

  • Prep nails with one coat of TrueBond Primer.
  • Bond lacquer to nail with one coat of TrueBond Basecoat.
  • On each finger, apply a layer of Transcend one-third of the way down the nail near the cuticle.
  • Layer Introspective on  the middle area, slightly  overlapping Transcend.
  • Add Energy to the tip of the nail, slightly overlapping Introspective.
  • TIP: Be sure to do one nail at a time so they don’t overdry and blend better.
  • Finish with TrueBond Top Coat for long-lasting wear.