Surfing in the City

I've recently had the opportunity to explore a number of boutique fitness studios around New York City. With a tropical vacation not too far out on the horizon serving as my motivation, I've been hopping from studio to studio looking for fun ways to get in better shape. One of my favorite discoveries is Surfset New York City, a challenging strength-, cardio-, and balance-focused workout done on a Rip Surfer X. The moves are simple (lunges, squats, planks, and push-ups), but when completed on and around the elevated board it's on a whole other level, quite literally. Though the instructor is quick to explain to everyone at the beginning the session that it is not a "learn to surf" class, each exercise takes inspiration from actual surfing movements—paddling, popping up, and diving under a wave to name a few. I've worked up quite a sweat, yet kept a smile on my face humming along to the music for the full hour.

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