Sweet Massage Dreams

May is not only the month of spring flowers and graduations but also Better Sleep Month. I’m one of those people who says they can function perfectly fine on less than six hours of sleep but I’m just cheating myself. Healthy sleep patterns are a vital part of overall wellness. Our bodies need enough deep sleep to properly repair and restore energy to ensure optimal organ function—including glowing skin—and stable mood among others. According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 70 million Americans may be affected by chronic sleep loss or sleep disorders. Here is where spas like yours can make a difference. Massage therapies have been shown to contribute to better, more restful sleep. Yet another reason to encourage clients to book a deep tissue or hot stone. Massage can improve sleep in clients of all ages, as well as boost the immune system, reduce aches and pains, and diminish fatigue. “Massage helps people spend more time in deep sleep, the restorative stage in which the body barely moves, which reduces the neurotransmitter associated with pain,” says Anne Williams, director of education at Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

What do you regularly share with clients to encourage them to book massages?—Tatiana Makarevich