Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort Introduces a Lifestyle & Wellness Program

A few months ago, I won a drawing for a one-week getaway to Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort in Fortuna, Costa Rica. Years ago, when I was roaming around the country on my own, I spent a memorable day at Tabacon enjoying its natural thermal hot springs. A friend had made me promise I'd visit the rainforest spa, as it had been a highlight of her own Costa Rican adventure. It was with fond memories that I remembered my time there. Unfortunately, a hectic schedule made it impossible for me to return anytime soon. It seemed somewhat fateful then that my sister had called the night before the event asking my opinion on where she and her boyfriend should go to celebrate their upcoming anniversary. Both Costa Rica and Mexico were under consideration. The next day when I won the grand prize, I couldn't help but think it was meant to be. My travel calendar was already full for the year, so there was no way I'd be able to take advantage of the opportunity. My sister, however, had never been to a destination spa. She had spent the last year training for and competing in numerous triathlons and marathons. If anyone was in need of a mental and physical break, it was her. When I asked if she and her boyfriend would be interested in going in my place, they jumped at the chance. Not only did the visit include a seven-night stay at Tabacon but also a nutritional evaluation and coaching by an on-site nutritionist, an exercise and training assessment and program, personal and group exercise sessions, spa treatments, Ayurvedic meals, and more. The resort recently introduced it comprehensive "Lifestyle & Wellness Program," which is designed to empower guests to embrace meaningful and transformative change. My sister and her boyfriend are headed to Tabacon later this month. I can't wait to hear and share how the experience transforms them. Keep an eye out for more on Tabacon's Lifestyle & Wellness Program in an upcoming issue.