Tempt Clients with A Fun Flower Ritual

I’m a bit of a sucker for tests. Send me something that involves my selecting my favorite color, flower, scent, or style as a window into my soul, and I’m inevitably on board. So when I got an email from Lotus Wei Flower Essences asking me to select the flower to which I was most drawn from the above options, I was quick to sign up. I now challenge you to make a selection and get the scoop on what your choice means here:

1. Chocolate Flower - Enhances light-heartedness and finding the simplest way to do things.

2. Red Hibiscus - Fresh new perspective after long periods of feeling overworked or stressed.

3. Pink Magnolia - Helps you make time for yourself when you are giving a lot of energy to others.

4. Datura - Strength, balance, and calm; allowing life's challenges to transform you positively.

5. Red Bird of Paradise - Focus and drive to get things done and bring projects to completion.

6. Red Clover - Compassion and empathy without taking on others' stress as your own.

I liked this test and wanted to learn more about the company’s flower ritual. Basically, clients take the test above, and a corresponding room mist is incorporated into their treatment. According to Lotus Wei, the ritual, which can be performed at the front desk or in the treament room, is a great way to boost sales this holiday season. It takes less than 30 seconds, enhances the guest experience, increases retail sales of the non-backbar versions of the room mists, and is a fun option for staff. Click here for details.

By the way, I picked the Red Hibiscus. Looks like it might be time for a relaxing massage for me!