Thoughts on Beauty Through the Generations

Earlier this week, I was invited to participate in a fun photo shoot hosted by Galderma with a number of other beauty editors. I brought in a photo of my grandma from the 1930s and was styled with hair and makeup to recreate her look. The resemblance was uncanny, and it's a special way to remember her legacy and her fabulous vintage style. The goal of the photo shoot was to start a conversation about beauty and aging across generations (check out the hashtag #momgenes to join the conversation). Even better for every upload, Galderma will donate $5 to National Charity League, Inc., which is a non-profit that mobilizes mothers and daughters to spend quality time together through charitable works. So everyone can share a snap of their mom or grandma and the #momgenes they passed down. Here's some interesting research from Galderma's Mother-Daughter Facial Aging Study.




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