In Touch: Music

From swampy blues to ancient meditation music, the tunes on these four discs can add variety to your spa's music rotation. Each CD lends itself to a different room or type of treatment; staff and clients will appreciate the change.

Instrumental Melodies

Lesley Spencer offers your clients a new spin on classic chamber music on her fifth release, Joy Garden (Gabriella Music). The CD features Spencer accompanied by members of the Chamber Pop Ensemble, coming together to create 15 romantic and refined tracks. Warm and relaxing, Joy Garden is an ideal backdrop for meditation and any soothing spa treatment.

Acoustic Fusion

A bit too high-energy for use during spa treatments, Adrian Legg's ninth CD, Inheritance (Favored Nations) instead proves ideal for play in retail and lounge areas. This variety of acoustic jams spans the musical gauntlet—from modern rock to spiritual church hymns—infusing hints of folk and traditional Irish music along the way. Composed by Legg as a chronicle of his journey as a man and an artist, the CD is a diverse and upbeat variation on traditional spa music.

Healing Collection

A compilation of works spanning three decades, Deuter's Like the Wind in the Trees (New Earth Records) combines pieces from seven of his previous albums, including Sun Spirit, Reiki Hands of Light, and Nada Himalaya. An artist renowned in the genre of healing and meditative music, Deuter will intrigue your clients with his multicultural blends. Infused with soaring flute melodies and delicate keyboard undertones, these tracks have a gentleness that make them ideal accompaniments for massage treatments.

Meditation Unplugged

The makers of Spa Song: Compilation (Madisyn Taylor) believe in the theory that music used during spa treatments should mirror the ingredients used by estheticians—that is, authentic, natural, and pure. The result: eight tracks of ancient meditation music from around the world—recorded unaccompanied, unembellished, and unplugged. Each delivers a purity of sound that matches the purity of the rest of your spa. Ideal for use during body treatments, in yoga classes, and in relaxation rooms, the CD will impress your clients with its unpolluted, natural sound.