Transformational Energy Healing

To help clients achieve a sense of balance and calm, Chiari Wellness Spa (Westminster, CA) offers Transformational Energy Healing ($80, 45 to 75 minutes). The healing treatment releases mental, emotional, and physical blockages in the client's seven chakras and helps the body to better heal itself, giving the client an overall sense of well-being. To start, the therapist dangles a pendulum above each chakra to determine its openness by the direction and diameter of the pendulum's rotation. With the client lying face-up on the massage table, the therapist draws the energy of the earth up through his or her feet and channels it to the client. The therapist moves his or her hands over the body, sometimes hovering over and other times touching the client, to work on each chakra. Next, by blowing on large crystal bowls to create pure tones, the therapist uses sound vibration to loosen any blocked energies. The client's energies are normalized as the vibrations move through his or her body. As the treatment ends, clients are filled with a sense of peace and balance in their body, mind, and spirit.

Red Light Treatment

For increased collagen production resulting in firmer and younger- looking skin, Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic (Beverly Hills) recently introduced the Red Light Treatment ($800, 40 minutes). The anti-aging treatment uses photo biostimulation, which helps convert light energy into cell energy thereby stimulating fibroblasts in the skin to boost collagen production. With wavelengths comparable to those used in lasers and IPL machines, the Red Light Treatment works without the use of thermal heat, giving the added advantage of no downtime for recovery or risk of burning. An attachable wand allows the treatment to be performed around the sensitive eye area. After treating the skin, the esthetician applies Sonya Dakar's Cellular Patch Cream as well as Visualift Eye Cream. Six treatments are recommended for optimal results. For Sonya Dakar products: (877) 727-6692;