Treatment Trends [cellulite]

Body contouring

The $150, 90-minute Body Contouring treatment at About Face Esthetic Skin Care Clinic (Gresham, OR) starts with the client filling out two pages of detailed information. In some cases, only herbal wraps are used, such as when a client's skin is very loose. Usually, though, the treatment begins with an application of Set Me Free's Aloe Vera Solution or G.M. Collin's Triphasic Gel Cream to the cellulite areas from the waist down followed by 30 minutes of Bio-Therapeutic's Bio-Dermology System, which gives a vacuumlike massage. Next, the client is wrapped for 45 minutes with heavy linen strips steeped in an herbal inch-loss solution. About Face always starts with the machine portion and follows with the wrap to soothe the skin and eliminate toxins loosened by the machine that are floating in the body. A series of treatments and a mod-ified diet are usually recommended for best results.

Cellulite treatment program

Designed for guests staying for a week, The Spa at Grand Lake (Lebanon, CT) offers a six-step Cellulite Treatment Program. It is recommended for those looking to de-stress, remove toxins, and soften the skin. If someone isn't staying a week, The Spa will combine two treatments in a day. The program consists of a Salt Glow (40 minutes); two Manual Lymphatic Drainage massages to legs, buttocks, and abdomen (50 minutes each); two Cellulite Wraps containing aminophylline, extracted from green tea and two amino acids (50 minutes each); and a Seaweed Body Mask (65 minutes). Each day, the client does a dry-skin brushing, drinks plenty of water to flush out fat, takes 10 to 15 minutes of sauna followed by a cool shower and then 10 to 15 minutes more of the sauna; applies cream twice daily, and exercises aerobically for 60 minutes. The total cost for the cellulite treatment program: $459.

Slimming cellulite body wrap

The Slimming Cellulite Treatment is usually done on the hips and lower body only ($75; 75 minutes), although clients of Balance Day Spa (Greensboro, NC) can elect to treat the entire body including the arms and abdomen ($100; 90 minutes). The treatment begins with a dry brushing and an invigorating application of Soothing Touch's Peppermint Rosemary Salt Scrub. This is followed by a lymphatic drainage massage done with circulation-boosting aromatherapy oil and stimulating anti-cellulite cream. The client then turns over, and the steps are repeated on the other side. A seaweed mud wrap is then painted on both sides of the body with a mask brush, and the client is wrapped for 20 to 25 minutes. After rinsing off, a refreshing rosewater toner is applied to the treated areas. The spa retails at-home products, such as a detox bath oil and anti-cellulite cream, to assist the ongoing process as well. They advise that clients will have the best results with a series of several treatments-three or more-and offer packages for five or more treatments purchased at once. The spa uses Creative Beauty Innovations's private label products.

Sothys thalassothys slimness institute treatment

The first step is an application of Thalassothys Optimizer Algae Extract to the entire body, working from the feet to the back to the front, up to the shoulders. Next, Thalassothys Wrapping Powder (mixed with water) is applied over the exfoliant, beginning at the ankles and moving upward. After the application of the Wrapping Powder, the client is wrapped and covered from neck to feet with light cotton sheets and a heated blanket for 20 minutes. The heated blanket is then turned off and unzipped halfway for 5 minutes. The blanket and sheets, but not the wrap film, are removed. The client is then taken to a private shower to rinse and then returned to the treatment room, where Thalassothys Bi-Osmosis Massage Cr% and five drops of Thalassothys Slimness Essential Oil are massaged onto the body for 10 minutes. Offered at The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn (San Diego), the treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes and costs $110.