Treatment Trends: Just for him

Mystique Yang

Designed specifically for men, the Mystique Yang facial at Spa Mystique (Los Angeles) provides a relaxing experience that helps improve the condition of the skin. Using Skinceuticals products, the $80, 50-minute facial begins with a cleansing of the skin with Simply Clean Cleanser. Next, the skin is exfoliated using the Clarifying Clay Mask. Phytomer's Modeling Massage Cream is then used to massage the face, neck, and chest. A Vitamin C Mask follows. Revitalizing Toner is then used on drier skins while combination or oilier skins are treated to the Equalizing Toner. Providing a protective layer, a combination of serums is applied to the skin. Serum 20 is used first to protect skin from the sun. Hydrating B5 Gel comes next, followed by Phyto+, which helps rebuild sun-damaged skin. An esthetician then applies the cream-based Daily Moisture to the skin and uses Eye Balm under the eyes. An 80-minute version of the facial complete with hand and foot treatment is also available for $120.

Field & stream Scrub

The Field and Stream Body Scrub from The Galleria Salon & Wellness Spa (Laconia, NH) begins with an application of a cleanser custom blended by Bioluminr. Containing cedar, sage, sandalwood, and fir needle, the cleanser is rubbed into the skin using a gommage brush. A customized aloe-and-herbal moisture serum is applied next. The client is then wrapped in a thermal heating unit for 15 to 20 minutes and green tea ginko compresses are applied to the eyes and a foot massage given. The moisture serum is then removed using warm sea nutrient towels. The $75, 60-minute treatment concludes with an Herbal Body Toner and massage.
A client enjoys a shave at the men-only Nickel day spa.
A client enjoys a shave at the men-only Nickel day spa.

The Love Handles wrap

Nickel, a men-only spa in Manhattan, is providing help to guys with a little flab to spare. The French day spa has introduced a new anti-cellulite treatment called The Love Handles Wrap designed to target male-specific problem areas. The 60-minute treatment begins with a thorough exfoliation of the body using Nickel's Super Clean for the Body. A warm towel is then placed over the client and behind his back. After approximately 10 minutes, the towel is removed by a therapist who then begins to vigorously knead the flesh around the stomach and back with Nickel's Love Handles gel. With enzymes extracted from pineapple and the carnivorous plant drosera, the gel works to break up fatty deposits. The gel also includes caffeine, which is reputed to help boost circulation. Standing up, the client is then wrapped snugly in plastic wrap. Returning to the table, the client's eyes are covered with cooling eye patches. After approximately 30 minutes, the plastic wrap is cut off. The therapist then continues to knead the affected area with the Love Handles gel. It's recommended that the gel be left on the skin for an additional two hours after the treatment has been completed. Priced at $85, the treatment is also available in a series of five for $380. (For more on the spa, see page 46.)

Woodspice aromatherapy calf & foot treatment

Stimulating tired legs and feet, the Woodspice Aromatherapy Calf & Foot Treatment from Bodylines The Day Spa (Dublin, CA) uses unscented products with essential oils added to create a clean, outdoors-inspired scent that appeals to men. To begin, clients submerge their feet in a footbath, which is created using a private-label unscented bubble bath and the addition of cedar, sandalwood, and clove essential oils. After the nails have been cut and filed and the cuticle area cleaned, the manicurist exfoliates the feet and legs up to the top of the knees using sea salts and a blend of essential oils. Stimulating tea tree oil is also added to the mix. A foot paddle or pumice stone is then used to remove calluses. Once the exfoliation is completed, feet are then returned to the footbath, rinsed, and placed on a towel and patted dry. A heated mud mask with eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint essential oils is then applied. Clients receive a neck massage with shoulder compression while the mask dries. Removing it with hot herbal towels after approximately five minutes, the manicurist then uses reflexology to massage the feet and legs from the knees down. The feet are then dipped in tea tree oil paraffin. The $70, 60-minute treatment is finished with a nail buffing, if desired.