Treatment Trends: Sinus


Providing allergy relief as well as opening the gateway to consciousness, the Shiro-Abyhanga-Nasya (S.A.N.) at Ayurveda Plus Rejuvenation Center (Portland, OR) helps keep the nasal passages open and increases resistance to foreign substances. According to owner and Ayurvedic consultant Richard Haynes, in Ayurvedic medicine, the nose and olfactory lobe are said to be the gateway to consciousness. The $85, 75-minute Ayurvedic procedure features a vigorous head, neck, and shoulder massage that stimulates facial marma points that relate to the sinuses. The massage uses warm sesame oil and an added essential oil, based on the individual client. Following the massage, clients spend 10 to 15 minutes inhaling an herbalized steam, which uses a combination of eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove, and camphor. Next comes the nasal nasya, a process by which a prescribed formula consisting of water, pure cane juice, and powdered ginger is inhaled through the nose to open the sinuses.

Sinus Relief massage

Popular in cold and flu season in addition to allergy season, The Sinus Relief Massage at Natural Body day spa (Atlanta) provides a thorough facial massage focusing on sinus pressure points. Using a proprietary essential oil blend called Sinus Blend, the 30-minute treatment helps open and drain blocked passageways. The blend, which is also retailed for at-home use, features a variety of decongesting ingredients. It includes peppermint, commonly used to relieve headaches and a variety of respiratory conditions; eucalyptus, known for opening blocked passages and alleviating congestion; pine, used for bronchial infections; and lemon, which is both antiseptic and antiviral. Offered at the spa's many locations, the $45 massage features lymphatic and pressure point techniques to help relieve sinus pressure.

The sinus massage treatment

Ideal for allergy-sufferers, the Sinus Massage Treatment at D. Esse Spa (New York City) is designed to clear the respiratory system and help alleviate breakouts caused by lingering colds. The 50- to 60-minute, $85, holistic treatment begins with the client lying on a heated bed surrounded by cotton towels. A therapist then applies hot compresses of mustard seed and pine to the back. Next, the neck and back are massaged with pine and eucalyptus oils. An additional massage based on homeopathy and acupressure follows to relieve congestion. This entails a round metal device being run along both sides of the spine from the base of the skull to the lower back. According to owner Daphne Hagadone, it's not uncommon for red marks to appear on the back indicating the clogged areas of the lungs and sinus. A sign that toxins have been released, says Hagadone, these marks may last for a day or two. A massage with amethyst crystals to absorb lingering congestion is then given. Hot, soothing compresses of mustard seed powder are applied to the back. The treatment concludes with a lymphatic massage to the face around the sinus area, leaving clients breathing free and clear.
Aromafloria offers clients take-home sinus help.
Aromafloria offers clients take-home sinus help.

Face & sinus Soother

Focused on the meridian points of the face, the Face & Sinus Soother at Alpenglow Traveling Spa (Big Sky, MT) helps open the sinuses and revitalizes the face. To alleviate sinus congestion, the therapist begins by locating a pressure point an inch above the hairline, directly above the eyes and making tiny circles on the spot. A dialogue is used between therapist and client to determine when the exact point has been found. According to president and owner Hannah Johansen, it is a tender spot that may feel similar to a pinprick when touched. The next point falls below the previous one, midline between the hair and brow. Helping to ease headaches, eyestrain, and sinus problems, the third point targeted is found inside the eye sockets, next to the nose. The therapist then moves to points at the far ends of the eyebrows, to the outside corner of the eyes, and the ridge of the eye sockets beneath the eyes. What Johansen refers to as the "mega" sinus point, located under the cheekbone, comes next. The massage also encompasses other points that are beneficial for dealing with tension in the lower jaw and keeping energy flowing throughout the body. A 30-minute treatment costs $45 while 60 minutes is priced at $85.