Waxing Poetic


It’s summertime, which means it is the season for waxing. With the onset of summer comes the desire for smooth, hair-free skin and the need to shed dry winter skin. The spa can come alive in the summer, energized by the veritable onslaught of clients wanting to look and feel their best for all that this season offers, including swimsuits, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Waxing is still the most popular method of temporary hair removal after shaving, and it is still one of the most requested aesthetic services in spas and salons. What makes waxing so popular? Here are the top 10 benefits of waxing for your clients and your spa.

1. Waxing lasts six to eight weeks, as the hair is removed at the root. This means it is not necessary to spend time shaving.

2. Hair regrowth after waxing is often softer, as the tip of the hair has a finer tapered point, unlike the stubbly tip of shaved hair.

3. Reduced growth is a side benefit of waxing. When body hair is regularly removed at the root, the result is damaged and weakened roots and some diminished growth, especially for women reaching menopause. However, be warned, the opposite is true for chin waxing.

4. Body waxing produces soft, smooth skin, as it exfoliates dead skin cells, along with the hair, therefore allowing a better absorption of sunscreen and sunless tanning products.

5. Waxing services are an affordable way to temporarily remove unwanted hair. For those who do not have the budget for the more permanent methods of laser hair removal and electrolysis, waxing by a professional effectively removes unwanted hair in hard-to-reach areas for long-lasting results, without breaking the bank.

6. Whenever a service is performed, there is an opportunity to sell products to clients. This is especially true during waxing services. A day after a leg wax is a great time to apply sunless tanning lotion, so pull one off the shelf and have it ready for your clients at the end of their waxing services. Lotions that retard hair growth are good to offer for purchase at the end of the service, as are sunscreens. Also beneficial for home use are products that prevent ingrown hairs and exfoliating scrubs for the shower.

7. During waxing services, technicians have a unique opportunity to sell other services to clients. While undergoing a lip wax, clients with misshapen eyebrows can be invited to consider an eyebrow wax. Or visa-versa. Offering the initial small waxing service at a discount, or even complimentary, can guarantee a monthly additional service. Body waxing also lends itself to the opportunity to describe body treatments, sunless tanning services, and facials.

8. Clients demand a service that is gentle to their skin while removing unwanted hair, but busy schedules demand the result quickly. Business owners should understand that speed equals more clients, and therefore more profits. Spa owners can truly benefit from giving their waxing technicians the continuing education that will allow them to become speed waxers. Many manufacturers also have improved methods for applying the wax to the skin, like wax-filled bottles with roller heads that can speed up the process. Several offer complimentary training.

9. Along with the variety of waxes, there is an array of companion pre- and post-care products to complement the wax and improve its effectiveness and the condition of the skin. Be sure to educate both your therapists and your clients on the benefits of both for increased product sales and increased effectiveness of waxing services.

10. There has never been a better variety of waxes available. Waxes laced with soothing, fragrant agents like açai berry, azulene, lavender, and tea tree oil in formulations with the gentle qualities that hard wax offers, combined with the qualities of the speed of application and removal of a soft wax, has been the goal of the waxing industry. Its success is apparent in the wide range of waxes now available for gently removing different types of hair on different parts of the body, including the most intimate areas. A popular service like waxing is often a walk-in service. The walk-in client entering the spa for the first time will, if not consciously, then subconsciously assess the facility and staff. It is an opportunity for the spa to demonstrate a high level of professionalism from check-in to check-out. A smiling, friendly, and courteous front-desk person has a lasting impact on customers. A clean, attractive facility instills confidence and the knowledge that the staff takes pride in their environment, and lastly, the skill of the esthetician or waxing technician is the clincher that keeps them coming back. That initial walk-in service can lead to clients making regular bookings for a variety of services, for a sizzling hot, profitable summer, and many seasons beyond.—Helen Bickmore



Hair Free and Carefree

American International Industries’s Cathy Jorgensen provides some tips for performing a (relatively) pain-free waxing service.

Bare is beautiful and profitable, so help your technicians make the most of your clients’ time and temperament by showing them that hair removal doesn’t have to be a hair-raising experience by sharing these tips.

1) Apply a numbing anesthetic to the skin a few minutes before waxing.

2) Cleanse the skin with an appropriate cleanser to remove dirt and oils. Make sure the area is dry before continuing.

3) Apply a light coat of powder before a soft wax method. Apply a light coat of oil before a hard wax method.

4) Pull the wax off in the opposite direction
of hair growth to ensure complete removal.

5) Work in small areas so you are able
to hold the skin taut. If need be, ask
clients to help hold skin taut.

6) Invite clients to use a hair-growth inhibitor between treatments, which will make the hair come back thinner and finer. This will also make the treatment easier.

In addition to this list of dos, there are also some don’ts when it comes to waxing.

• Don’t wax a client who is using products that can cause hypersensitivity, such as Retin-A.

• Don’t wax clients 24 hours before or after tanning.

• Don’t wax the same area twice unless you are using the hard wax/oil technique.

Much has been done to make waxing services less painful. Still, two things remain a constant: technicians must understand the product they are using, and they must have a good technique. The right wax and application method, along with appropriate pre- and post-product treatments, make for a positive, beautifying experience.—Cathy Jorgensen




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