Well-Rounded Fitness Inspiration

Summer is the season of skin and lots of it. It’s no surprise everyone seems to be looking for new ways to achieve their ideal bikini body in the gym, spa, and in the great outdoors, and fast—it is the middle of July after all. Getting moving and exercising is all well and good, however many of these get-fit-quick schemes are sure to leave participants exhausted in the long run and ready to bounce back to old habits. Spas are getting in on the fitness trends (here and here), pairing classes and training sessions with a total wellbeing program, including yoga, massage, and more, to encourage spa-goers to embrace a healthier lifestyle in the spa and maintain it when they return home. In the spa setting, balance and mind-body connection come naturally for fitness programs

A couple of the American Spa editors, myself included, are embarking on what we hope is a sustainable and effective fitness and nutrition journey that instills a good relationship with food and a fun workout routine.  This week I’m inspired to work harder and stick to my new wellness plan by the incredible feat of strength in the video below that's been shared and re-shared and deserves the attention. As we progress through our new routine, we’ll be sure to share spa-friendly fitness tips we learn along the way.


What inspires you to lead a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same?