What's Your Lipstick Personality?

lipstick shadesAs a lipstick-loving lady, there is never a lip color that classifies as too dark or too bold in my book. And while I like to stick with my favorite color for room décor, my lip color rarely stays the same. After many Buzzfeed quizzes, I had always thought my favorite color (red) said everything about my personality, but according to science, your lipstick color says a lot more about who you are as a person. So when Ecco Bella decided to break down personality types based on your favorite lip color, I was not surprised to find I fit in almost every category below. (Why stick to one color if you can wear them all?)

  • Reds and Deep Berries: You love to grab all of the attention with your unique sense of style. These colors bring out your confident and slightly naughty side.
  • Corals and Oranges: You always have a positive outlook on life and like to add unique flares to your classic looks. With experimentation always on your mind, you like to try new things and color schemes.
  • Pinks and Purples: Forever playing it safe with decision-making, you tend to be empathetic and ambitious when keeping up with your style.
  • Browns and Taupes: You’re a dependable person who isn’t afraid to use her powerful side to maintain a romantic relationship. This has you give off a composed and poised look.
  • Neutrals and Nudes: You appear shy, but you’re actually social and peaceful. You’re an advice giver when it comes to fashion and friendships.

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