Yoga Meets Art in Hot Denver Hotel

The Art, A Hotel CorePower yogaStaycations may sound so 2009, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable or still popular in 2016. Cutting out the stress of flights and driving plus adding in extra time in the destination (even if it is only a few blocks from home) sounds like a win-win to me. That’s why I gave my mom a night in a snazzy new boutique hotel not far from her own house as a Mother’s Day present. The Art, A Hotel (Denver) may not have an official spa but its contemporary amenities and plush furnishings make it a relaxing escape nonetheless. She raved about how refreshed she felt after just one night away. It’s incredible what even a slight change of scenery (especially when it’s a unique property or luxurious spa like your businesses) can do for wellness. And she soaked up every moment, enjoying the warm weather on the terrace and room service. Starting June 11 (Global Wellness Day), the hotel is offering an extra special way for locals and visitors to rejuvenate, partnering with CorePower Yoga for Vinyasa and Mimosa sessions every Saturday at 9:00 am. The classes will be held on the Fire terrace and feature poses inspired by the hotel’s art collection, which includes works from Andy Warhol, Claus Oldenberg, Tracey Emin, and Sol DeWitt. Yogis can keep their chill after class with rooftop brunch and $10 bottomless mimosas.

The Art, A Hotel CorePower yoga