The A to Zs of Haircare

ARGAN OIL: Used to tame even the most difficult tresses, MOROCCANOIL, which offers everything from shampoo to shine spray, revitalizes dry, damaged hair with its lightweight argan oil-infused products. This powerful ingredient, which is blended with phenols and vitamins A and F to protect against free radicals and environmental stressors, strengthens the hair while adding shine and fighting frizz.

BEES: Ever since the days of Cleopatra, honey has created a buzz in beauty, and its benefits are still as sweet as ever. Used by bees to protect hives from bacteria, infection, and decay, propolis is the magic ingredient in IDEN COSMETICS haircare products. Blended with pure oils and herbal extracts, propolis strengthens, shields, and restores hair.

CLEAR COMPLEXION: KAIROS ACNE CARE SOLUTIONS reduce oil on the scalp that can lead to breakouts on the face, neck, back, and shoulders. Containing salicylic acid, the Clarifying Complexion-Clearing Shampoo even works to clear existing acne and prevent breakouts, while yielding salon-quality results.

DOUBLE-DUTY: We've heard of all-in-one shampoo/conditioners or using a flat iron to both straighten and curl the hair. Medusa Salon (Springville, NY) is giving "double-duty" hair products a new meaning with the THERMAFUSE Pedicure ($38, 75 minutes). The service uses protein-rich products to primp the feet: a mix of ThermaDan Shampoo and Asset Astringent in a nourishing and cleansing footbath, Color Care Condition as a cuticle cream, Intense Repair Masque for hydration, and ThermaDan Condition for an energizing massage. This pampering protocol offers strength and protection for the toes and feet while taking a step away from traditional treatments.

ECOCERT: Blending ECOCERT-certified ingredients with modern technology, moisturizing Reviving Drops by AETÓ BOTANICA are chock-full of vitamins. This mineral-rich formula, containing bamboo extract, certified organic hydrolyzed algae, certified organic red seaweed extract, plant amino acids, and vitamin F, is a green solution to boosting sheen.

FATTY ACIDS: While caviar is a luxe treat for the palate, it is also a lavish delight for the scalp. A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, caviar extract is part of ALTERNA's age-control complex. Its Caviar Anti-Aging Non-Aerosol Mousse creates volume, offers great hold, and leaves behind a high-gloss finish while protecting hair from environmental damage.

GREEN TEA: A staple of relaxation rooms, green tea not only delivers countless health benefits to the body but it also does wonders for the hair. This antioxidant, which is included in ZENTS Mandarin Shampoo, is believed to strengthen and condition strands, mitigate dandruff, and stimulate hair growth.

HEAT: It takes a bit of heat to achieve the hottest looks, but styling tools can sometimes leave hair damaged and drab if they're not used with care. Laced with luxe oils that are sourced globally, RUSK Sensories Wellness Collection includes products that repair and restore dry hair, such as the olive oil-infused Heal Treatment and calendula-enhanced Restorative Repair Drops.

IONS: After five years in the industry, T3 is still upholding its guarantee: to keep things "fast and frizz free" with its sleek line of hair tools. While "ionic" has become a buzzword, T3 has its own take on the concept. Using tourmaline gemstones, its signature Tourmaline Technology creates negative ions and infrared heat waves to eliminate static and seal the hair cuticle, making T3 a smooth operator.

JEWELRY: Just as chandelier earrings or a sparkly brooch can revamp an outfit, the right hair accessory can add a little oomph to any 'do. Like jewelry for the hair, COLETTE MALOUF pieces are tiny works of art that add a touch of glam to any look. The Spring 2010 collection was inspired by East Africa and includes everything from chic turban-style headwraps to hairsticks featuring strong colors, mixed geometric patterns, and distinctive textiles.

KERATIN: Environmental stressors are responsible for stripping the hair of keratin, which is the main component of skin, hair, and nails. Adding the protein back to hair is a great way to replenish nutrients to the tresses. For lovers of sleek styles, LA BRASILIANA Zero Keratin Treatment with Collagen eliminates frizz and curl from the hair without damaging it. The treatment improves the hair’s elasticity, makes it shinier, and nourishes the scalp.

LIGHTWEIGHT: For a breezy lightweight look without any buildup, AVEDA’s Light Elements family of products leaves hair looking naturally perfect. Containing certified organic lavender water, the Reviving Mist reactivates styles while the Smoothing Fluid, which contains certified organic jojoba oil, leaves hair shiny. Defining Whip uses marshmallow root to provide a sticky-free, natural hold.

MOUSSE: While the sizzle sound of mousse traveling through a nozzle is here to stay, there is a new generation of the classic styler. Blending the volumizing benefits of mousse and the hydrating properties of cream, REDKEN introduced Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream-Mousse, an "aerated cream" that can help stylists achieve extreme body. The color-safe formula plumps hair, helps block humidity, offers UV protection, and provides control, shine, and manageability.

NEEM: While it might sound counterintuitive to use oil to cleanse the hair, Indian women have been doing it for thousands of years to make their hair healthier, stronger, and more lustrous. Healing neem oil, which is used to treat skin ailments such as eczema, ulcers, and psoriasis, is combined with hydrating coconut oil in SUNDÃRI's Neem and Coconut Hair Oil to encourage healthy hair growth by delivering nutrients directly to the follicles.

ONE-STOP SHOP: Known for catering to curls, DEVACHAN has a solution for those in need of a one-stop shop for a beauty binge. Beneath the bustling Devachan Salon (New York City) rests the relaxing Departure Lounge Spa. Featuring lines such as Phytomer and Vie, the spa has a full menu of facials, body treatments, and massages, which, in true Devachan fashion, are extremely results-oriented. One popular service is the Every Body ($220, 90 minutes), which incorporates a full-body microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage massage, and a body-milk massage to release toxins and ease water retention, which can help shed some extra pounds.

PORTABLE: PURE & PETAL's portable hair fragrance set is a heaven-scent retail item. Containing a 4-ounce fragrance, a refillable 0.1-ounce bottle, and a mini-funnel, the set comes in either uplifting Sublime Citrus, fresh Heavenly Clean, sweet Summer Passion, or floral Linden Blossom. The alcohol- and silicone-free formulas keep hair smelling fresh, even when ladies are on the go.

QUIET: The blaring blast of a blowdryer can cause quite a disturbance, especially in a small space. The Q-Zone Quiet Dryer by CENTRIX offers a Zen-styling experience, sans any wailing whirr. Thanks to the Insanely Quiet (IQ) ionic technology of the 1,500-watt dryer, the only volume that will be pumped up at your spa is that of your clients' hair.

RESTORE: Restoring elasticity is as important for the hair as it is for the body. SIRCUIT SKIN COSMECEUTICAL's power-cleansing couple–Liquid Crystal shampoo and Crystal Crème conditioner–revives dry strands with the same effective ingredients used in its skincare line. The products use shea butter and vitamin E to strengthen tresses, leaving locks nourished and protected.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Interested in offering styling at your spa? New York City's beloved blow-drying mecca, BLOW, has a curriculum for professionals to learn how to perfect its signature, award-winning technique. The Blow Dry Academy is open on Sundays and will explore current trends, offer a hands-on approach to learning, and recommend tools and styling products. Special introductory classes start at $300 and will help stylists blow their competition out of the water.

THIN: Being thin is not in when it comes to hair. Whether loss is due to age, illness, or even radiation, ANTONIOU's Stimulant is an extra-strength formula that encourages growth and repairs damaged hair.

UNIVERSE: Located in the center of vibrant Manhattan, Phyto Universe is truly another world. With 9,000 live tropical plants stretching across 3,000 feet, its vertical garden symbolizes the commitment the brand has to using the purest botanically based products. In addition to offering waxing and facials, the expert staff analyzes the hair and scalp with a Phyto Scope, which magnifies 200 times, and then prescribes the right treatment and products. The signature Botanical Bliss ($160, 90 minutes), which fortifies hair with 100 percent essential oils to purify the scalp and stimulate circulation, is a popular treat, which leaves clients knowing how easy it is to be green.

VEGAN: Free of harsh detergents and polluting chemicals, HEAD ORGANICS is a gluten-free, 100 percent vegan haircare line that uses certified organic ingredients. All products are pH balanced, so as to not strip the hair of essential oils, and are packaged in recyclable bottles with caps, pumps, and dispensers made from 100 percent recyclable plastic. With a full range of products—including shampoo, conditioner, styling wax, and shine/anti-frizz serum—Head Organics takes an earth- and people-friendly approach to haircare.

WILDAID: DAVID BABAII FOR WILDAID products may not have been tested on animals, but they have been tested on Kate Hudson. The actress and her hairstylist David Babaii teamed up to launch this cruelty-free line of natural haircare products that contain renewable ingredients such as blue algae, cupuacu butter, volcanic ash, and white ginger. The line supports wildlife conservation by donating 10 percent of profits to WildAid, a global non-profit organization that works to reverse the devastation to the planet's wildlife.

X: KEUNE's Triple X Gel helps create strong and edgy looks as bold as its name. Part of the Care Line Man, the ultra-strong gel, specifically formulated with men in mind, contains rooibos to nourish the scalp and stimulate circulation.

YOUNG: Lines and wrinkles aren't the only telltale sign of growing older—thinning hair is another. Like an anti-aging treatment for the skin, the Natural Dermabrasion In-Salon Service (starting at $50) from NIOXIN helps remove buildup from around the follicles, creating an ideal environment for healthy hair growth and keeping the scalp younger. The three-part system includes Scalp Renew, Scalp Therapy, and Scalp Treatment and should be used in conjunction with the Scalp Renew Density Restoration take-home treatment for stronger and healthier hair.

ZEROSULFATE: Created to smooth and replenish multi-processed hair, PUREOLOGY SERIOUS COLOUR CARE SuperSmooth system treats and refines the cuticle surface. In addition to HairCondition, RelaxingHairMasque, and SmoothingElixir, the line includes a ZeroSulfate Shampoo, which gently cleanses hair without stripping color or causing damage.

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